Tricks and Games

The poodles enjoy playing a variety of games and practicing fun tricks! It helps to keep their minds engaged and interested. This is especially useful on long rainy days when outdoor play is a little less welcoming. Check back to see regular additions to this list of fun tricks and games...

Beg: sitting on rear, forelegs off the ground.

Yoga: Forelegs extended, bum in the air - similar to the downward dog pose we humans do in yoga!

Get It: Drop random 'these do not belong here' objects (pens, silverware, etc.) on the floor. Use the command 'get it' to ask the dog to pick up objects and bring them to you. Advance this by pointing at the one you want, meaning that you chose the order of retrieval. Sit back, relax and let the pup clean up house for you!

Hit the Light: Turning a light switch on and off using mouth and sometimes paws.

Belly: Showing belly by laying on back.

Rollover: Laying down, rolling over like a log.

Speak: Bark

Whisper: Quiet bark, we're still working on this one!

Hide and Go Treat: Hide a variety of small treats around teh house and then on cue ("OK") release the hounds to find them! You can also play this outside by having the human hide with treats and when they find him/her they get a treat.


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