Meet the Poodles

Meet Teddy

Teddy joined the family in 2012, at age 4. He was adopted from a local 'last chance' shelter, where dogs have been transferred from other full shelters that would otherwise euthanize dogs.

Teddy loves nature. He is happiest sitting outside, surveying the land. Among a few key stuffies, Teddy's favorite toy is a ball. Playing fetch ranks top spot in the highlights of his day. He also loves his morning and evening cuddle times and walks are good too! Teddy takes great pride in pleasing his humans and is a very good listener. Some of Teddy's favorite tricks are 'yoga', 'beg', 'hit the light' and 'belly'. He loves anything meaty/fatty. If I'm cooking pork he will always join me in the kitchen and if it were up to him every meal would include a stick, or two, of butter.

Meet D'Art (2004-2016)

D'Art (short for D'Artagnan) joined the family in 2013, at age 8. He was adopted from another family that could no longer care for him and we were happy to welcome him to ours.

D'Art didn't have much experience with toys at first, but now he loves his stuffies - Bee and Gorilla. He always enjoys playing 'hide and go treat'. D'Art just wants to be wherever his people are. He's happy to explore outside and has been known to chase a bunny now and then. Luckily they are always faster than him! D'Art likes to play with Teddy, at any hour of the day. He is always hopping around and barking trying to encourage Teddy to join in. Sometimes it works! He's a happy go-lucky fellow who still thinks he's a puppy.


 Meet Luna

Luna joined the family in 2016, at the age of 7. She was also adopted from a local shelter. Not much is known about her past 7 years, but we were told she had lived in a park for a while!

Luna loves to roll around in the grass on a warm sunny day. She enjoys walks, but is in no rush to go quickly. Like D'Art, she also likes to play and is often encouraging Teddy with playful barks. Luna has very good hearing. She knows when someone is coming up our 1000 foot driveway long before they arrive at the house! The white markings on her chest form the shape of a star.



  1. Both Teddy and D'Art are beauties! Nice to meet you all.

  2. Nice to meet you Teddy and D'Art (followed link on Wordless Wednesday)

  3. Glad to make our acquaintance, you very fine looking Standards! Woo-hoo. We are rather partial though. ღ


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