I Like #12 - Osprey, Copper, Rays

Happy Thursday everyone! We've made it this far, and the weekend isn't far off! Thanks to Not Afraid of Color for hosting this I Like blog hop, a spin off of Thankful Thursday.

Over the last week, I've spent a lot of time outside. Almost every evening has been spent working on the property, or walking. On one such walk I encountered a nest, perched high up in an old snag tree. The rightful owner, an osprey, watched over. If you've read any of my other "I Like" posts, you know well that I like birds! I wonder if there were chicks in the nest?!

I like learning new skills. In this case, working with copper. I needed some flat copper strips to line the legs of the cedar garden tables. Copper is a natural way to deter slugs. I took a copper pipe, heated it and quenched it to make it malleable and then flattened it into strips. 

It is satisfying work and the end result is pretty in its own way. I have plans to take this newly learned technique and apply it artistically. I see a copper garden decoration in my future!

Lastly, I really like this new purse. It is pretty and functional. It is easy to keep clean (wipeable surface), crosses over the body to be hands-free, and has enough room for all the essentials. If you're looking for a new purse for yourself or a loved one, I recommend it! I also like that Sakroots works with a variety of charity partners and the prints they use support the work of artists!

 Poodle Pick of the Week

We've had more sun these days, which is welcome, so the poodles made sun bathing their pick of the week. Teddy likes to find a comfy spot, settle in and watch the world go by.

Luna is more of an active sun bather. She spends her time getting some rays while exploring. This includes regularly checking on the chickens, bees, squirrels, etc. So much to keep track of! A poodle's work is never done!

Have a great rest of your week!


  1. I can't wait to see what you make for the garden! I'm very envious of your osprey! We have hawks and a few eagles but oh how I would love to see an osprey! The purse is sweet! As always, it is so much fun seeing your poodle babies! I am sure they are happy that spring has sprung!!

  2. copper is my fave metal. I cannot wait to see what you make for the yard ornament. Make me one too! (blatant request for art) You are for real with those work gloves wielding that hammer!!

  3. We have been enjoying the Spring sunshine, at least when it appears!

  4. Ooh. The copper is pretty. I'll like to see what you do with it. How neat that you work with it, and re-purposed that pipe. That yard looks lovely to lounge in. I'm envious!

  5. How wonderful to see the osprey nest! I always love your poodles' picks of the week, too! They have such expressive faces. It would be fun to make your own garden art - don't forget to show us what you come up with.

  6. LOVe your copper projects! Can't wait to see a yard ornament. Seeing your kids lounge and scout around is definitely a harbinger of spring's arrival. It's been very PNW-like the past couple days while I was visiting my mum, there is even snow in the forecast. I'm hoping to not have to turn the furnace back on. Happy weekend. 🙂

  7. From a fellow bird lover, loved seeing your nest photo. Imagine 0sprey so close. You are remarkable to learn how to work copper like that. I wouldn't have a clue. Yes, something for your garden would be just the thing. Hope you get to spend more time out and about this weekend.

  8. I love that purse too - I'd have trouble picking which color to get though! We've been sorely lacking in sunshine here lately, and we're all longing for it!


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