I Like #11 - Shop, Mint, Measure and Green

Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Hop on over to No Afraid of Color to see a list of the other participants in this I Like Thursday blog hop.

Last weekend I set aside a lot of my to-dos in favor of some me time. Do you ever just spend time treating yourself to something fun? I recommend it. It's good to do something for yourself now and then. I went to the thrift store, Goodwill to be exact. I like thrift stores. You get a big 'bang for your buck' and you just never know what you'll find! On my way there I was listening to the radio and heard about someone who bought a sports memorabilia jacket for $5 and sold it at auction for $139K. I just settled for a new pair of jeans.

I also treated myself to a latte and a peppermint patty at my favorite food co-op. I love peppermint and chocolate together. Not all peppermint patties are created equal, but I'll almost never say no to that marriage of flavors. These peppermint patties look fun to make; perhaps I'll try this recipe soon. 

Which segues nicely into my next I Like, because the creator of that recipe is Ashley English from Small Measure. Ashley is a writer and a homesteading woman extraordinaire. I've enjoyed reading her blog for years now and even went back to read the older posts that came before me. Like me, she keeps bees and chickens, grows a garden and lives in the woods. I'm pretty sure we'd be friends, given the opportunity. I so enjoy finding a blog that drives me to check back repeatedly to be sure I've absorbed it all! This is one of those blogs.I also recommend her books if you're interested in learning a new homesteading skill.

Poodle Pick of the Week

Remember when you were a kid and always yearned for a particular special treat but only got it on the rarest of occasions? Say, for example, black forest cake - but you only got it on your birthday? The poodles' pick this week is one of those treats - Greenies. 

For those of you unfamiliar with these green edible tooth-brushes, they are a dental treat that is supposed to clean a dog's teeth and freshen their breath. If you ask me they don't look all that tantalizing, but something about them motivates the poodles to be very good! (Please note, this is not a sponsored post. I don't write sponsored posts. This is an honest-to-goodness poodle pick.)

I don't use Greenies as a tooth-brushing replacement, (we still brush teeth in this house) but they seem to like them so much that I can't deny them the occasional delight! They're too expensive to buy often, but every once and a while deserves a different kind of treat. Wouldn't you agree? Now...where's my black forest cake!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Cute post! I love peppermint patties but have never made them. I wonder how much I would eat before they were done. mary in Az

  2. yum peppermint and chocolate. Yum. Cole wasn't into greenies but he liked whimseys that look the same.
    The easter bunny needs to hop to your house with a basket of junior mints and greenies.

  3. Mm. Peppermint patties. A "me" day - how nice. I need to schedule one of those soon. Thrift stores can be awesome. I've found some good stuff there (and a perfect place to drop off stuff that still has life, but just no use for me). Those poodles are great - Greenies!

  4. I'm definitely all for some "me" time now and then! Now that I'm retired from teaching, there is more of it, and I am always thankful for it! Your dogs look like they love those greenies - they look like a great idea, too! I've never tried making candy like that, but yes, mint and chocolate is the very best flavor combination! Happy Thursday!

  5. Your pups look so happy with their greenies! Who can resist mint and chocolate? It's the best!!! Have a wonderful week!

  6. I too have a fondness for the combination of mint and chocolate. Our dogs also get dental brushing treats now and then and they love them. Just about my favourite thing to do is browse in a thrift store. I always find that one special thing that makes me keep going back. I've written about my big finds on my blog and people love hearing about them. Of course it was nothing like that jacket!!

  7. Me days are awesome, and so are peppermint patties! Boston Creme Pie was always my favorite as a child and still is. I certainly don't get it often enough so I think I'm due!
    Your yard is looking so nice and green and I see those daffodils. Our grass is just starting to turn, and our daffodils will hopefully be brightening things up soon.

  8. Gah, now I have to have Black Forest Cake..o.ne way or another! Doting on oneself is always a good thing, as is granting the special desires of certain poodle pups. Your blog suggestion proved quite tantalizing, I'll definitely be revisiting Ashley again.

  9. I love Peppermint Patties too!

    The collies enjoy greenies...well, anything edible really. Lol


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