I Like #10 - Fish, Biscuits, and Hummingbirds 2.0

It's I Like Thursday blog hop time. Thanks to our host over at Not Afraid of Color for hosting this hop! Check out her blog for links to the other participants.

I like this spring-like weather we've been having - sun breaks, occasional showers, a mild breeze. It has made for a lot of outdoor time this week!
Remember that hummingbird photo I posted a couple of weeks ago? Well, things are happening around here! We bought a second feeder and now have at least eight hummingbirds outside our window all day, every day. Each feeder has four feeding spots and they are often all taken, although they do seem to enjoy chasing each other off the feeders as well. Here's a brief video of one of the feeders.

You can use this link if the above one doesn't work. 

It makes me think that I really need one of these water features on my deck....you know, for the birds. It would be a completely self-less purchase.


You can use this link if the above one doesn't work. (Note this is not my video, my hummingbirds are cool but this person has me beat!)

I also like fish, goldfish to be exact. I have an oak barrel in my garden that I made into a mini-pond. In the summer the water plants are lush and green and it provides some interest and fun in the garden. Sadly my previous goldfish didn't survive the winter (it was abnormally cold!) so I went to Petco and bought 8 more. They are Comet goldfish, also known as "feeder fish". My last inhabitants lasted 2 years, so I'm hoping these little guys do just as well. Better off in my mini-pond than in another animal's belly, if you ask me!

Turns out Luna also very much likes goldfish. After all, she helped me pick them out in Petco. I think she was hoping they were for her.

Poodle Pick of the Week

The poodles are spoiled. They get all sorts of goodies. Most recently their Auntie Lee Anna sent them a couple of cute bone-shaped cookie cutters, so I promised we'd try them out! Luckily, I chose the right recipe and it was an easy winner for this week!

I used a recipe from another dog blog that I enjoy reading called Dog Mom Days. Her Banana and Peanut Butter biscuits were a bit hit! I mean to say, just look at that tongue! Need I say more?!

Once baked, they were very much enjoyed and I am trying to ration them out slowly but I don't expect they'll last long. 

Also, I'll admit, I tried a bite too and they were pretty good!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh the Hummingbirdies are gorgeous!!!!
    And I luffs the look of those TREATS! yum, yum
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. ummmmyummmmm banana and p-b? I'm in. I'd be next to the poodles looking up. Wish we had more hummingbirds, your video was like the old Sunday morning show's nature moment. LeeAnna

  3. Look at that tongue! But who doesn't like peanut butter and banana?? Love the humming birds and the fishes. Oh, I can't wait for some warmer weather.

  4. How wonderful to have all of those hummingbirds! We put up a feeder every year, and flowers that are supposed to attract them, but we're lucky if we see one. I think they prefer the foothills and mountains around here. I love the photos of your dogs and their homemade dog bones - so precious!

  5. That tongue pic--!! You should send that in somewhere. Terrific idea on the pond in an oak barrel--will be telling my husband of that. As for your comment on my blog (you're a no-reply, but I found you through Google, so I'll answer here) about the Trans-Canada Trail, yes, I think maybe parts have a sub-name depending on who is sponsoring that section?

  6. Love this post! Love the hummers, the fish and thanks for the recipe for the dog bones! We will definately try that :) Have a great week!

  7. Hummingbirds are so adorable and so cool. You are lucky to see so many, we rarely see more than one or two at a feeder, and they often chase each other away. Have you ever seen them flying in an arc, chattering away? I think it's a territorial behavior, and so funny to see!
    I'm going to have to look up that treat recipe - bananas are Luke's favorite so he's bound to love those!

  8. The treats look like they turned out DELICIOUS! I'm glad the Poodles (and you) enjoyed them!!! Thanks for the shout out <3

  9. I'm going to have to try those treats! I have NEVEr seen that many hummers together where they weren't dive bombing each other to get away. That video was super cool! [and yes, I'm over 2 weeks behind in reading blogs-apologies]


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