I Like #8 - Skunk, Down-Dog, Bones

Please hop on over to the lovely host of this I Like Thursday blog hop Not Afraid of Color. 

Meanwhile, welcome! It's Thursday once more. I haven't had much spare time to write a non-Thursday blog post, but thanks for coming back anyway to see what our I Like post includes this week. 

Let's start with skunk cabbage. I like it! Wikipedia describes skunk cabbage as a "foul-smelling plant", which I quite resent! It's not foul smelling. I think it is better described as the smell you would expect if a well manicured skunk were to buy an expensive floral perfume from Macy's and spray it all over her fluffy tail. Not bad, right?! 

Skunk cabbage is in full bloom around here. Here are a couple of photos taken via cell phone on my morning walk with the poodles. Look how bright and alive that yellow punch of color is amidst the gloomy bog! What's not to like?!

When I get back from a nice walk with the poodles, having smelled the skunk cabbage, I like to do yoga. Yoga has been a part of my life for 17 years now. I don't do it every day. Sometimes I go for weeks without so much as a down-dog, but when I do it feels very right. The combination of intentional breathing mixed with stretching is very soothing. 

The problem with doing yoga at home is that it generates a lot of interest from the locals.

So I guess one could say that I actually do doga, not yoga. (apparently "doga" is a thing, but I've never actually taken a class.)

If you're interested in incorporating yoga into your life and don't want to go to a group session, I highly recommend the "Namaste" series by Kate Potter  (click link for demo video). Her videos are 20 minutes long and she has a very calm voice that is easy to follow.

Poodle Pick of the Week

This week the poodles picked bones - raw, juicy bones! 

I don't feed a raw diet, but for the last two years we have purchased 1/4 of a grass fed cow from a local farm (for human consumption) and with said cow came some bones. These bones are butchered with dogs in mind, the right size to be safely enjoyed. They are frozen up until the poodles get them, so they don't develop any bad bacteria. The poodles get to enjoy gnawing on them in the sunshine and when they day is up, the bones are too. (I take them away or they quickly get gross, but by this time they are mostly spent anyway.) 

It's a rare treat, but one they both LOVE!

And, it's good for their teeth too.

Happy Thursday! The poodles and I hope you treat yourself to something special this week.


  1. Thanks for the Namaste series video linky--I am dieting and need to get limbered (word??) up. Can't allow myself to get all stiff and unflexible...hugs, Julierose

  2. the top image is beautifully composed. I could see those colors on a quilt or painting. It was an artistic learning moment. Teddy looks like a cat with catnip. LeeAnna

  3. The pictures of the dogs "helping" you with your yoga cracked me up! They are so cute! Looks like they enjoyed their bones, too. I love seeing the first color of spring, smelly or not! Have a great week!

  4. What great photos!!! I laughed outloud at doga :) Here the poodles played dogcer (a poodle version of soccer). Glad to see they are doing so well :)

  5. I love this post! First of all, I love skunk cabbage because it is always a sign of spring to me. Secondly, I considered yoga but someone told me I really needed to take a class, and that put me off. I am a shy introvert, and I do not like classes (plus I hate being on a schedule, I like to do things on my own time)! So I set it aside.
    Lastly, I've been thinking about contacting a local farmer about some grass-fed beef, and you just gave me another reason to do so!

    1. I hope you enjoy that online yoga session. I'm the same, I'd far prefer to be in my own home on my own schedule!

  6. A great list of likes; thanks. I checked out that youtube video...I've never done yoga but I would be interested in this at this stage...stretching is getting really important. I like to see anything growing in bloom and you are lucky to have spring. We are at the melting stage so still icy or muddy.

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  8. Downward facing dog with the dog staring at your face and licking your nose is a sure fire way to up-end a yoga person. I did my go-to favorite video yesterday in fact, but not before squeals of laughter emanated from the studio. There's nothing quite like stretching around a certain little Ninja and dodging the face licks and tail wags. 😇 Your cheerful skunk cabbage is so pretty. Yellow is a good color for the grey days of winter the are slowly morphing into spring. Happy weekend!


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