I Like #7 - Flowers, Bulk, Freedom

Happy Thursday everyone! Let's join Not Afraid of Color in celebrating the things we like this week.

Starting with, hellebores! The hellbore blooms opened their pretty, droopy heads this week. Depsite being known as a Christmas Rose, they aren't related to roses at all and mine never bloom near Christmas! I have two varieties, but there are apparently 18 more so I better start collecting them don't you think!? There is something extra special about seeing such a dramatic bloom, so early in the gardening season.

These Eggplant Hellebores flank either side of my front entryway and were planted by the previous owner.

This one (the variety name escapes me for the moment) was newly added last year. I still clearly need all of these though. 

Moving on now, out of the garden and into the grocery store...

I like bulk food! Our local food cop-op has a wonderful bulk food section. This photo represents one half of the bulk teas and spices. All the other bulk goodies (rice, cereals, etc.) take up another huge part of the store. 

The pros of bulk food include: less packing, lower cost, more variety and control over quantity. This week I treated myself to three new loose leaf teas. I purchased a few cups worth of each tea, making my adventures into tea tasting affordable. If I like what I try I can always go back and buy a larger quantity. From these lovely jars came this Lemon Ginger tea and believe you me it smells amazing! A lively lemon scent! I was excited to try it, based on how it smells, but alas it tastes...terrible! The chicory ruins it for me, too bitter. Nevermind, it doesn't matter! I only wasted a couple of dollars and I'm keen to head back to the bulk section to try something else.

Poodle Pick of the Week

 The poodles chose something you can't buy, but they value over almost everything else (except maybe treats). The poodle pick of the week is being outside! Teddy wants to be outside every hour that it isn't raining. Luna wants to be outside if her people are, but she'd far prefer her people were outside all the time. They love the smells and the area to run and play. Despite the stereotype of a poodle being a snooty, posh city-slicker dog (think Paris glam), these poodles are true outdoor country dogs at heart.

Poodles in their natural habitat.

They make good gardening buddies too!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


  1. Your garden and puppies look wonderful! I love your fence and arbor! The dogs look happy to be out! They are so pretty, I could just give them a big smooch! Have a great day!

  2. Loving those beautiful flowers
    That outside looks a great funs place to explore
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Oh your poodlekins are sooo cute--love that expression...hugs, Julierose

  4. The hellebores are beautiful flowers! Here in Colorado, I'm still waiting for my daffodils to bloom! I always enjoy your poodle pics and what you tell us about them - it's wonderful that they love being outside so much.

  5. Wow. I never heard of Hellebores before- I know, sad. But, what a gorgeous color the eggplant one is! Lovely flower.

  6. Neat flowers. I've not heard of them before. Bulk stuff - I can look at a wall of that and just dream of all the cooking possibilities. What fun.

  7. That eggplant colored hellebore is incredible! I don't have luck growing them and when I want to see any, I go to the botanic gardens. The daffodils, crocus and grape and regular hyacinths are starting their show somewhat late since we've had no real snow to speak of this winter. Love seeing your athletic gardeners. My two just 'snoopervise' and avoid the gardening work like a plague. 😇

  8. Those flowers are beautiful! I will have to look for those.
    Our whole crew is with the Poodles on their pick this week - we just love the outdoors and would be out there all the time if we could. Cricket has even been catching some sun on the deck this week, even though it's still not very warm out there!


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