I Like #6 - Humming, Aprons, The White Stuff

Happy Thursday! When you work Monday-Friday, Thursday is a good day no matter what because it means tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is not far away! Thanks to my friend over at Not Afraid of Color for starting the I Like Thursday blog hop, and for letting me join in.

Writing these I Like posts has been eye opening to some extent. It's made me face facts about myself that I wouldn't have admitted, or even known, before. So here it goes...my confession...I'm a bird nerd! I realized it this week while I spent ages waiting for the hummingbird to reappear at our feeder, also enlisting the watchful eye of my husband, just so I could include it in this post. Every week seems to have some sort of bird in it! I astonish myself, but there you have it. Here's our current customer at the feeder. Later in the spring when the Rufous hummingbirds return from their winter vacay in Mexico, there will be a few mating pairs hanging out around our watering hole. It is my belief that they nest over in the cedar tree that you can vaguely see in the background of this photo. Such beautiful and amazing birds. Did you know they need to eat every 30 minutes? Yup, I'm a bird nerd.

I like aprons. Pinnies as my mum calls them. I can never have too many. I love the feminine aspect of them and all the pretty fabrics they come in (although my husband has one too, so they aren't just for women!) They are useful for many things. I have a practical one that I use for harvesting cherries, as it has a big pocket that I can fill with fruit, leaving my hands free for picking. The poodles graciously agreed to model these four favorite aprons for you, in exchange for a few treats. They are easy to please and make very good clothing models!

I took a few other photos in which Teddy looked very bored, but overall they were very patient!

Speaking of poodles. I like poodles in swings. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then I urge you to click that link and watch the short video! It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Only a poodle! 

Poodle Pick of the Week

That just leaves the Poodle Pick of the Week, which is.....eating snow! Our week has consisted of snow showers and sun breaks, rinse and repeat. It is gorgeous when the sun comes out. The snow and sun combined makes everything especially bright! Anyway, while taking the poodles outside and pondering what their pick should be this week, I look over to see this (snow mustached poodle)...

And then I look over and see this girl licking her lips....

..and the answer is clear! Eating snow for the win this week!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Hi. What great photo skills you have. I love the shot you have of the hummingbird. That is no easy feat. I like aprons and use them but I need to find some time to make new ones! Yours are sweet. mary in Az

  2. Dian at little penguin is a bird person too. Now and then I see a hummingbird and you'd think it was a unicorn sighting for all my excitement. Those aprons are adorable as are your models. Do they charge a lot?

  3. Yes, we are bird nerds at our house, too, although we rarely get a hummingbird. Love your photo! We put up a hummingbird feeder every year, and plant a big barrel of red flowers to entice them, but mostly they seem to prefer being in the footnills and mountains of Colorado rather than down here on the Front Range. Your poodles are adorable as models; they're being very patient!

  4. Your poodles are very patient--("und hier ve haft apron vear..." lol) good models for your lovely aprons. hugs, Julierose

  5. OMD those apron pics are just too cute!!!!!! Adorable!! DakotasDen

  6. Well you certainly quadrupled the adorableness of your aprons by having such cute models. I have to wear aprons out of necessity...I'm messy. I too am a big bird lover with a special love of owls. Thanks for such a great post.

  7. Love your poodles! They are so adorable in your aprons and the snow shots are great! My boy Teddy loved eating snow too. Thank you for the smiles today!

  8. I love birds too! I have numerous bird feeders, and I even plant flowers that I think the hummingbirds will like.
    I love your aprons! We have multiples of other clothing, so why not aprons? Having said that, I only have one, and now that seems so boring. I'm going to have to get at least one more. :)

  9. Birds are completely fascinating to watch as they ferret out seeds and bugs. And hummingbirds...well can I just say "squeal?" Your 'Pinnies" are beyond adorable! 😍


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