I Like #5 - New Starts, Warm Coats

I can't believe February has already come and gone! I know it's a short month, but gosh it flew by! Today is I Like Thursday once again and thanks, as always, to Not Afraid of Color for including me in the blog hop.

1. First up, I like newly sprouted seedlings. We started our tomatoes seeds this week and they quickly sprouted to display gangly stems with delicate cotyledon. It's remarkable, if you think about it, how much a plant changes over its short life. From such tiny, fragile beginnings we'll hopefully be harvesting lush, juicy tomatoes in mere months.

2. I like it when people don't sit next to me on a plane, train or bus. I know that sounds very grinch-like, but when I'm stuck on some form of transportation I have no desire to chat the entire time with a stranger. I want to zone out and think about all the things I don't have time to think about during my usual day. Last time I took a plane, the fellow nearest me bought his seat and the one in-between us. Obviously a like-minded person...just with more spare cash! Thank you, unknown fellow traveler!

3. I like having the poodles' grooming session over and done with. It always feels like a feat to have groomed two poodles in a day. This time was especially significant as I was removing their thick, winter coats. They like the sensation of newly shortened hair and always commence running around playfully when the whole thing is over. We call this silliness, "having beans" (e.g. "Teddy has beans"). I've heard other people refer to it as "the zoomies".

Poodle Pick of the Week

Once again, the choice for the poodles this week was an easy one - jackets! I groomed them and then it snowed! They've been wearing their jackets inside and out. Without the added warmth of jackets, they curl up into small balls of cold, sad poodle. With their jackets on they continue being happy and at ease! Despite liking the short hair, they weren't such fans of the cold, so the jackets saved the day!

 How was your week? Have you started any seedlings for your garden?


  1. Ohmygosh--love those little coated- babies--where did you find rescue "standard poodles"? We "might" be interested...(I am always game for a dog in our house--it's been a long time and I miss the snuggling and tail wagging)..we live in SE CT on the shore...I've looked online but not had a lot of success--we would want a full blooded one--we always bought from breeders with our minis and our English Springer Spaniel, Winnie. Uh- oh...it must be Spring...when I get the doggy blues... since we are in our mid 70's we are really not up for a little puppy...hugs, Julierose

    1. I found them online by checking various shelter websites. I wonder what rescue sources there are in SE CT. I'll keep my eyes open!

  2. It's Murphy's Law that it would snow once the kids are groomed! My husband and I used to love starting seeds and got such a thrill when the plants would begin to surface! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Cole used to love post grooming. Let the admiration begin from everyone! I was relieved, as if I had just finished and turned in a term paper. I felt unfettered! And I made fleece T-shirts for him to wear, and he would go a week in his "jammies" during winter months. Neighbors would say, Oh Cole is still in his pj's
    His answer "someone felt the need to cut off all my warm hair just because of mats and oil"

  4. Look at all that fur you took, off! That is an amazing pile! The dogs are so adorable in their jackets, and they have a look as if to say,"Don't we look so stylish?" :). We have started garden plants in the past, but not recently. Our yard is so shaded by big trees that it's hard to grow much. But I've had success with potted tomatoes that I can move into a sunnier place in the front yard. They are so delicious!

  5. Very nice grooming job! Whenever I finish one, I glibly remark, "3 bags full." And of course, right after Sam was groomed for hospital duty we had a skiff of snow but windy cold weather. Jackets come in handy. Good luck with your seedlings. I'm seeing lupines begin to emerge around the garden and if I thought I could keep tomatoes from the squirrels from noshing on them, I'd plant seeds this afternoon! Watching plant life emerge is magical, especially from seeds.

  6. they both look darling in their jackets! I can't groom Dakota at home because we are in a condo in an apt building and we would clog everyone's drains with all of his fur!!! DakotasDen

  7. Look at all that fur! I can see why they'd do zoomies after getting done with that.

    Huzzah for sprouts.

  8. I love your likes! I can't believe the amount of hair that comes off of your Poodles! Wow! I like it when people don't sit next to me or directly across from me. I have weird commuter rules.

  9. I miss starting seedlings! I haven't done it for a couple years now. I just haven't figured out where to set things up at our new house, but I hope to have it figured out for next spring for sure.
    Whoa, that's a lot of fur! No wonder they're chilly after losing all that! :)


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