I Like Thursdays #1

Lee Anna over at Not Afraid of Color hosts a fun blog hop every Thursday called "I Like Thursdays". This upbeat theme is refreshing and one that I always read every week. It seems like we could all do with a bit of extra positivity in our lives these days. This week, she was kind enough to let me join in on the fun!

I like my charm bracelet, with three poodles. Last week was my birthday. My husband gave me this poodle charm bracelet. It is an antique, and what makes it extra special is that the poodles are made of stamped tin. Tin is the traditional gift for a tenth anniversary, and we celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary this month. What can I say, he's a good gift buyer!

I like friendship, near or far. I've never been the kind of person who has an address book full of friends. I've always connected, closely, with a select few. I believe that when you connect on a level of true friendship it doesn't matter where people are - in life or in location. The friendship is just as rewarding

This last week also brought the one month mark of losing my beloved poodle, D'Art. It is good to have friends who understand this grief, and this special quilt, made by the very talented hands of Lee Anna, arrived just in time to help me cope. Needless to say, I treasure it!

I like chickens. At present, I have seven hens, all of whom lay eggs. They range in age from 1-8 years old. They live out their lives in peace on our property, whether they lay eggs or not. These hens are like pets, each with their own name. From left to right in this photo are: Pickle, Triscuit, Bacon, Roux, Pudding, Chili and Parsley. Pickle, Parsley and Pudding are sisters and were hatched and raised by one of my favorite hens (who has since passed away), Marmite. I have a fun story about how I ended up with Bacon (the white one), which I'll save for another time. Let's just say, she picked me! She's the eldest and the chattiest of all! All my hens are friendly. Some will even fly up into your lap for cuddles and bird seed, given the opportunity. Here are my girls, enjoying the glimpse of winter sun we had this week! Everyone loves a sunny day!

Lastly, I like tea. Being raised my a British mum, I've started my day with a cup of tea for many years and can remember doing so when I was in school as well. Cup of tea and a bowl of Wheetabix was my breakfast of champions as a teenager. I especially like Yorkshire Gold tea. You can't buy it in the grocery store, but Amazon provides. I try to stick to decaf most of the day and will only indulge in caffeinated tea if I really need it...which seems fairly often. Of course, it has to be consumed in my Poodle Mom mug, which I guess brings us full circle back to poodle themed things!

I encourage you to check out the other blogs participating in "I Like Thursdays" which you will find over at Lee Anna's blog


  1. love your list. At first look, I thought wow and plaid chicken! Awesome! (fence shadow) I enjoy a chicken too. So many colors and haircuts! When I gave up diet coke, I renewed my love affair with tea. Have you read the Tea House Mysteries? LeeAnna

  2. I've just found your blog through LeeAnna's, so I went back and read a few of your earlier posts. Your poodles are so beautiful, and I'm so sorry about D'Art. I saw LeeAnna's sweet quilty gift for you when she posted about it last week. It's so good to have friends who understand what you're going through. Your husband's charm bracelet gift is also perfect!

  3. I totally love LeeAnna's Thursday's posts and yours was another one to enjoy and savor. The birthday bracelet was particularly poignant given recent times. LeeAnna's quilt was heartfelt and precious. Happy belated birthday greetings with best wishes for a happy anniversary. 🎊

  4. Oh I love your post and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that charm bracelet! LeeAnna did a wonderful job on your art quilt. I am thinking of you as I still miss my Seamus and sending you lots of cyber love.
    Have a good week! Hugs, Mickie


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