I Like #3 - Hearts, Stuffies

It's been a busy week, with vet visits and work meetings, so I will keep my list short this time around. There is always something to be thankful for though; always something to bring a smile. Thanks go to Not Afraid of Color for inviting me to join this blog hop! Check out her site for other "I Like" posts!

1. I like treating myself to something yummy. It's fun to go out on occasion for a treat. When I worked in the city, going out for coffee was a daily event - necessity even. These days, I wander into my kitchen and put on a pot of tea and then head back to my desk. So, going out for a good latte has that extra charm of being a rare treat. Being Valentines week, it seemed fitting that my treat be decorated with hearts. Somehow eating pretty food is so much more enjoyable than if it was just thrown on a plate (or in a cup) with no care.

2. I like spring flowers. As soon as I see primroses in the grocery stores, I can't resist. They are the first dashes of color in my garden before the bulbs are open. Not long now, though, until we see daffodils in bloom. I'll save those for another post, for now the credit goes to this red primrose. (It snowed the day after I planted it, but the snow has melted now and it looks chipper again.)

Poodle Pick of the Week 

This week's poodle pick goes to....bunnies! These bunnies are the poodles' Valentines gifts. My rule is that I don't spend more than $1 per stuffy for the poodles, because they often get destroyed in the blink of an eye. These particular fluffy specimens came from the dollar store and are free of hard eyes, beans, or any other undesirable parts. I also find some good stuffies at the thrift store. No one seems to mind that they don't have squeakers.

Here's what they look like after the first 5 minutes of play. Can you guess whose bunny is the ear-less purple one?

If you guessed Teddy, you're right! He shows his deep admiration for stuffies by disemboweling them.

Luna, on the other hand, gently mouths hers and often is only interested in the stuffy if one of her humans plays with her.

I hope you're having a good week! Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Oh such charming babies--love your photos...we miss our minis that we had over the years. Hugs, Julierose

  2. My lab Chelsea was like Teddy. First the nose went, can't have a nose on a toy! Then the ears, followed by legs, and then stuffing. Cole was like Luna til the moment he heard a thread snap, then all stuffing must be removed. He loved the stuffingless toys the best but tended to eat them.
    I love seeing pretty food. Beauty in the every day, like red primroses.

  3. Love your coffee and cookie with the heart shapes! Perfect for the season. I also enjoyed your poodle pics! The one with the ears gone already cracked me up!

  4. Oh Teddy...you're a boy after my own heart. Sam eviscerates his stuffies too when he finally plays with them. Elsa is the stuffie queen, dragging them from room to room. Love this weeks 'likes.' A beautiful latte with exquisite heart design crema on top...nirvana and makes for a special treat.

  5. Zoey locks her stuffed toys. Not sure why and I don't care because it's adorable. Scout likes to play with his human. Rodrigo likes to disembowel the toys. Sydney just lays next to her toy.

    I am praying that spring arrives soon. I have some gardening to do. Thanks for the raspberries.

  6. Luke seems to be a little less destructive now that Sheba is gone. I think she egged him on, or he felt he had to keep up with her! That is a good idea to get the toys at the Dollar Store and thrift stores though; I don't even want to think about how much I've spent on toys!
    I love a pretty sweet treat too, and it's very nice to have one put nicely on a plate, rather than thrown into a paper bag! :)


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