Snow Play

I'll be honest with you, there are few things that make me smile these days. Our home isn't the same without D'Art and my heart is heavy with sadness. When you love someone deeply, you also mourn them deeply. Thank you to everyone who has sent positive thoughts and words as we go about the process of adjusting to life without our sweet boy.

There is one thing that will reliably bring a smile to my face, and that is watching Teddy and Luna play together. When we adopted Luna back in July of 2016, she didn't understand play language in any shape or form. I highly doubt she had ever played with another dog. Now, she lives for her play times with Teddy. I captured a few minutes to hopefully bring a smile to your face too.


  1. What joie de vivre your two fur-kids have. Kudos on Luna's integration into the pack. To see the two of them do the poodle dance around the yard made me smile and savor their joy of playing and its importance for social interaction. I recognize you have an empty place in your heart, that I hope at some point soon, is filled with love, peace and happier times and memories. ღ

  2. I am glad you have these two to make you smile and ease your pain just a bit. Thank you for sharing with us as well!


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