Dog Beds and Adjustments

It is notable to acknowledge how much you miss those things that used to drive you crazy. As I've mentioned before, we have a small house and without exception all of the poodles always want to be in the same room with us. I work from home, so they are my office mates. One of the things that was always a struggle was the great dog-bed juggling act. Not having enough space to permanently keep three beds per room (we have two permanent beds in each main room) meant moving beds in and out of the office was part of my daily routine. If I didn't, there was always someone feeling left out! I used to think it was a pain, but now I miss it desperately. With D'Art gone, the existing two beds per room is sufficient to keep everyone comfortable. No more juggling act required. But oh, how I yearn to juggle beds for my three again!

Back in November, my husband constructed these beautiful and incredibly handy dog bed frames. Since switching to wood floors this summer, we started to notice that the beds would develop condensation on the underside, where the heat from the poodles met the cold from the floor. Having them raised-up on these bed frames does the trick and the beds, and our floor, stays dry!

Luna testing out the new bed frame, before it was painted.

He shaped the frames using plain-old 2x4's and painted them to match the color of our house trim (clove). I chose the canvas from our local craft store and together we made the fabric top, on top of which goes the doggie mattress. It works perfectly and each bed frame cost around $10 to make! They are a big hit and the poodles love having their beds elevated off the ground. D'Art, especially, was an early adopter of the new bed system.

Bed frames complete! Time to add the mattress!

Gone are the days of the great bed juggle. We're adjusting, but my outlook on those 'annoying' tasks has changed. Suddenly things seem more precious.


  1. I get it. It's so normal to be vexed by little things, and we all get that way. You'd gladly put up with bed shifting again like I would put up with stuff I fussed about too. On the other hand, those bed frames are awesome solutions. They look so well made with the blue ticking fabric. Great job. Love to see solutions people come up with. And lucky they want to be with you. Cole would come to the studio door, check out my level of involvement and return to his sofa. Hmph.

  2. Your clever bed frames are really pawtastic! Well done. I know having that 3rd bed routine can trigger hurt in your heart. But know every time you look at those beds, you heart also smiles knowing you had a sweet boy occupying it even if for a short time. Hugs and thoughts flowing your way along with puppy kisses from my two to yours. ❤︎

  3. You know how much this speaks to me, as we face these adjustments ourselves. Sheba slept on the bed with us, and often ended up down by my legs. I have a thing where I can't sleep if I can't move my legs! So I often had to give her a gentle nudge so she would give me some space; and she would almost always move. I miss that nightly game we played so much already!

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