Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Poodle Update

It seems all my spare energy has been spent elsewhere these days and thus, no blog posts are churned out. This is a short and sweet update on how the poodles are doing to help break the silence for a moment.

After multiple blood and urine tests, we found an arthritis medication that D'Art can manage. It's so great to see that extra pep in his step again. When he sees the leashes come out he does what I like to call 'bunny hops' over to the door. Even though I know he'll walk slower than everyone else, his joy is irresistible! But you know how life is, one thing checked-off and another takes its place. So, today, D'Art goes in for surgery to have an rather ugly looking mast cell tumor removed. For the last week he's been on antibiotics to keep the obvious infection around that area down. It will be good to have it removed, but I'm always a worrier when one of the dogs goes in for surgery - especially a senior.

Teddy is doing well. He and Luna look forward to their daily walk together and although it is seemingly raining all the time, that doesn't stop him from going outside to the yard and having some 'Teddy time'. He seems to need that everyday. Without it, he gets out of sorts.

Luna is well too. Her world revolves around Teddy. If Teddy has been in his crate with the door closed and she hears me opening it, she'll come racing from wherever she was to be the first to greet him. She LOVES him. He acts like a confident teenage heartthrob who knows the crowd will follow him everywhere and acts pretty cool about the whole thing, but deep down under all that fur...he loves her too.

Recently, I was so very lucky to be gifted a portrait of Luna to add to my family wall. Painted by my talented friend Aura. She has an amazing gift and always perfectly captures the poodles' personalities in each of the three portraits she has gifted me. I consider myself very lucky and highly recommend that you consider her if you too would like a portrait of your family member.

D'Art, Luna and Teddy portraits

That's all for now. We're off to the vet soon....

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Twelve Days of Teddy

 Sing along with me, to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas

"Last time I went out, Teddy ate or chewed...
four Costco muffins,
three french rolls,
two fortune cookies
and a variety of craft supply parts...."

Teddy is a sweet boy who sometimes suffers from a bought of anxiety while his people are out. I always go about 'poodle-proofing' the house before we go out. This involves the following:
  1. Put up baby gate in utility room to prevent access to food, soaps, etc.
  2. Take out garbage (the garbage can has been invaded before).
  3. Remove all tasty baked goods from the counter-top. Fruit and veggies can remain, as they go untouched.
Well folks, I hate to admit it, but I am human and sometimes I just rush out the door forgetting to store the four Costco muffins, three french rolls and two fortune cookies safely away. Needless to say, Teddy saved me from eating those carbs. He even unwrapped the fortune cookies! To back-up the theory that Teddy goes on an anxiety fueled rampage, and we aren't actually being pestered by troublesome house-elves (or other naughty poodles), I set up the iPad on time lapse and went out. Teddy spent most of that time running to and from different rooms, tearing open packages and eating things he shouldn't. He also approached the iPad and licked the screen...three times. Yup, Teddy is anxious. Chewing on non-food items (i.e. craft supplies) was a new turn of events, and really brought-home the fact that this was no longer a safe situation.

Thankfully, Teddy is crate trained. He loves cozy, dark, fort-like places and his crate is just that. I'm grateful that we aren't starting at ground zero, but instead can easily transition him to spending time in his crate. The first time I went out with this new arrangement in place, I put the iPad back into service. He spent most of the time sleeping, with Luna and D'Art close by. That's what a relaxed dog should do while his people are out! The video was far less entertaining, but provided me with a great sense of relief! Being in his crate gives me the peace of mind that he is safe and it gives him a safe environment in which to feel relaxed. 

Now, back to Costco for some more muffins....