Thursday, October 13, 2016

Money Doesn't Grow on Poodles

Over the last month I have purchased $160 worth of dog related paraphernalia that I cannot use. Before you assume I am an impulse buyer or drunken e-Bay shopper, let me give you a little background.

D'Art is showing his age, and after a recent trip to the vets, was diagnosed with arthritis. Over the last year he has lost about 5lbs, some of which was muscle mass from his hind legs. He's a bit wobbly when he plays with Teddy and Luna and sometimes his hind legs just give out altogether. This is hard for me to watch. So, after receiving the diagnosis of arthritis, I kicked into action to research and try alternative coping mechanisms.

First I bought Toe Grips. These wonderful little rubber toe nail grippers seem like an amazing solution, but my stubborn boy just wasn't having it. He made it is sole mission in life to remove those darn things (if even super-glued on)! He'd wait for me to leave the room and then go to town! I found them scattered around my house like purple deer droppings. Score one for D'Art! Thankfully, that company has amazing customer service and gladly accepted the used toe grips back and issued me a full refund. I highly recommend them if you think it would work for your dog.

Next, I bought DGP for Pets. One pill down and he had major tummy ache, gas and wouldn't eat AT ALL (he's already underweight, so I can't risk that). Again, probably a good product, but just not for my guy with the ultra-sensitive tummy!

Speaking of under weight, I spent HOURS researching alternative dog foods that are easy to digest, nutritious, and higher in calories and protein to see if I could get a bit more weight back on him. After finally deciding on one to try I went out and bought a $70 bag of food. He hated it. He literally refused to eat it for an entire week straight! Boy did that backfire on me! Score another point for D'Art! (Note to all reading this, I did not let him starve. He got other 'snacks' as well.)

Unrelated to his recent health struggles, I also bought a Slopper Stopper bowl to see if it would prevent D'Art from drooling water all over my new wood floors. Technically it worked, but none of the poodles actually liked to drink out of it so they just simply wouldn't drink. That's obviously not OK! So, a short time after putting it out, I took it away and reinstated the original bowl. Thank goodness for rags and towels!

So, $160 later I had a bunch of stuff I couldn't use and couldn't return. I HATE wasting things! The earth can't afford for us to be mindless consumers who buy things and promptly throw them away and my pocket book isn't that fond of it either. So, over the course of this last week I gave away all of those unused items. A needy family were given the dog food for their dog (yay for Craigslist), the bowl went to a man with a bloodhound, and the DCP for pets went to a sweet senior pup who can digest it! I feel good about that! 

As for D'Art. I love my old guy beyond words. I even love his stubbornness! He has a food he likes now, and I'm working with our vet to find a pain reliever that his body can handle so that he can live a happy, pain free life and continue playing with his poodle siblings!