Twelve Days of Teddy

 Sing along with me, to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas

"Last time I went out, Teddy ate or chewed...
four Costco muffins,
three french rolls,
two fortune cookies
and a variety of craft supply parts...."

Teddy is a sweet boy who sometimes suffers from a bought of anxiety while his people are out. I always go about 'poodle-proofing' the house before we go out. This involves the following:
  1. Put up baby gate in utility room to prevent access to food, soaps, etc.
  2. Take out garbage (the garbage can has been invaded before).
  3. Remove all tasty baked goods from the counter-top. Fruit and veggies can remain, as they go untouched.
Well folks, I hate to admit it, but I am human and sometimes I just rush out the door forgetting to store the four Costco muffins, three french rolls and two fortune cookies safely away. Needless to say, Teddy saved me from eating those carbs. He even unwrapped the fortune cookies! To back-up the theory that Teddy goes on an anxiety fueled rampage, and we aren't actually being pestered by troublesome house-elves (or other naughty poodles), I set up the iPad on time lapse and went out. Teddy spent most of that time running to and from different rooms, tearing open packages and eating things he shouldn't. He also approached the iPad and licked the screen...three times. Yup, Teddy is anxious. Chewing on non-food items (i.e. craft supplies) was a new turn of events, and really brought-home the fact that this was no longer a safe situation.

Thankfully, Teddy is crate trained. He loves cozy, dark, fort-like places and his crate is just that. I'm grateful that we aren't starting at ground zero, but instead can easily transition him to spending time in his crate. The first time I went out with this new arrangement in place, I put the iPad back into service. He spent most of the time sleeping, with Luna and D'Art close by. That's what a relaxed dog should do while his people are out! The video was far less entertaining, but provided me with a great sense of relief! Being in his crate gives me the peace of mind that he is safe and it gives him a safe environment in which to feel relaxed. 

Now, back to Costco for some more muffins....


  1. Awww :( Khloee is the only one of my animals that has anxiety, so I totally understand. At least Teddy had a feast LOL!

  2. GREAT score Teddy, yum, yum, you should haf said and I'd haf come over to help!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. A little early for Xmas, but what gives!

  4. Thank goodness Teddy is ok! Thank you for sharing this post (which I have shared) because I am a HUGE believer in crate training!!! DakotasDen

  5. Oh my gosh! Love the new song but feel badly for Teddy and his anxiety. Luckily he enjoys crate time. Sam is definitely not a fan so I don't have one. Sometimes it's hard to remember EVERYTHING, I mean, just a couple weeks ago new dog, Elsa ate my reading glasses. READING glasses! There aren't even any tasty carbs there! LOL Good luck in the future. Im just glad Teddy didn't get into anything more dangerous. 😇

  6. Rodrigo would do this and not because he's anxious, but because he has medaled in counter surfing. I believe he has 18 golds and 8 silvers.

    Would you like to try some Ewegurt with Teddy to see if you notice a difference? I have an extra package if you're ever interested.

  7. you've given me the reason Cole bought himself into puppy prison. I thought he was acting out anger, but now I know it must have been anxiety. I feel so sad about being mad at him for chewing up my stuff... always my stuff never the beloved Dad's stuff. I fussed and chastised finally puppy gating him into the living room when we left.
    I guess you do better when you know better, so if we're blessed with another dog, we'll know it's anxiety. Lucky that Teddy likes his crate.

  8. I'm so glad the crate worked for you! I'm pretty much a neat freak so most things are stored safely away (OK, my hubby will tell you that I'm obsessive - LOL). But this current crew is good about not getting into things anyway (except food - Luke would get into that if left out on the counter), and do OK with us leaving. We're working on the crate with Luke for other reasons but it's taking some time to get him used to one again (he had one as a puppy).

  9. Very nice post. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!! I'm so happy Teddy is ok and didn't get into more dangerous situation. Good luck!!!



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