Autumn's Breath

Autumn's breath is here. It's that chillier breeze in the evenings as the air moves from the mountains and heads out to the ocean for the night.

Follow the leader!

It's the crunch you hear under paw and foot on your evening walk. Unless it's been raining and then it sounds more like a 'slosh'.

Pretty Luna.

Autumn is the perfect blend of colorful summery flowers and crisp, cozy nights. 

Luna, Teddy and a crop of wildflowers.
Autumn's breath also tells the wildlife that it is time to store nuts and find reliable food. The coyotes and bears leave signs of their being in the neighborhood. They eat from local orchards and gorge on blackberries.

Spot the scat.
  It's the sounds of other animals as they make their way across the forest floor.

Did you hear that?
Walks at dusk capture a unique mood in the trees and the air.

Big leaf maple.

It's my favorite time of year for evening walks with the poodles. How about you? What do you like about autumn?


  1. We live in New England, and so Fall is our favorite time of year! We will definitely be writing a post about Fall in our area. (Or more likely 87 thousand posts!) it's hard to pick just one thing...the gorgeous Fall leaves, the cooler weather, the fairs, Halloween and Thanksgiving...there is just so much to love!

    1. Can't wait to hear more about your Fall adventures!

  2. Oh I love Fall best. It was down to 80 today, which felt downright Autumnal considering our summer. I can hardly wait to feel the Autumn changes. Cole loved Fall best, would pick up twigs and shake the leaves, and crunch crunch thru raked piles. Luna is gorgeous, and Handsome Teddy must be on the road to recovery. I got my husband reading your posts lol. LeeAnna

    1. Thanks for increasing my readership Lee Anna! Much appreciated! Happy Fall!

  3. I was feeling sad about summer being over, but now that we've experienced some of that crisp cool air that autumn brings, I'm pleased that it's coming. It's really always been my favorite time of year - I just don't always like that it leads to winter!

  4. We love everything about autumn! The gorgeous light, the earthy smells, the cooler temps. It's our favorite time of year. Luna is so gorgeous and pawfectly colored for autumn pics. ☺️

  5. The pictures seems like to tranquil. The perfect marriage between light and earth makes it a wonderful image. Great for bringing the dogs outdoors.

  6. I'm sad to see summer go, but the turn of the leaves is gorgeous. It's so cold in the morning compared to just a couple weeks ago.


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