This Guy

This sweet, lovable mug is the reason I don't have a good, or even informative, post for you this week. He had a couple of lumps removed on Wednesday (one of which is being biopsied). The first night he spent attempting to drowsily stumble around the room (still sleepy from the surgery), bumping into everything and everyone. In an attempt to keep him still, I slept with him. On the floor. Let's just say "slept" is a generous description.

He's doing much better now. He only got up twice last night! I'm affectionately calling him the snowplow poodle, as he plows into everything with this cone on. I now think he does it deliberately, just because it's fun!

Hope to have something better to share next week! Meanwhile, Happy Friday!


  1. Bless his heart. I hope he gets out of that cone soon and the lump comes back negative.
    Sending positive poodle powers for quick healing!

  2. Awww! I hope D'Art recovers quickly and his lump is nothing serious. Bernie had a lump up until about a week ago, but it drained internally by itself. Watch out for ear infections caused by the cone holding in moisture! We had to abandon the cone and put underwear on him, when he got fixed.

    1. Good point, I hadn't thought of that but since reading your comment have been keeping a close eye on those ears! Thanks!

  3. Cone or no cone, he's a cutie. My little one is scheduled for surgery in a little over a week, so I'll have a cone head running around for a bit too. Hope the biopsy results don't show anything series!

  4. Oh no. We've got our fingers and paws crossed the biopsy comes back negative. My last Standard had bumps removed later in life. They were always benign. It takes a couple days to get all the anesthesia out of the book stream. In the meantime, enjoy a free weekend of HBO and Showtime on the dish. 😉 Hugs and ear scratches to you and your pup.

  5. It looks like a big halo around his head as befitting an angelic Poodle. Hope "benign" is the word on the bump.

  6. poor sweetie, I agree with Jan, hoping the lump is benign! DakotasDen

  7. Oh no...I hope he's okay. Lee Anna at not afraid of color

  8. Teddy is such a clown. I absolutely adore your dogs. Glad he made it through the procedure and I hope you have good news this week.


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