Nature Walk with D'Art

In part one of our Nature Walk Teddy and I showed you the orchard, an old growth nurse log and fern slope.

Today, D'Art and I are taking you with us as we walk around some of the other areas that we enjoy.

Starting with the beehives. There are three in total. The bees have been busy this summer and we should have a lot of honey left to harvest next spring. We keep the honey on the hives overwinter so they can feed off their own resources. Otherwise, if you harvest the honey in the autumn you have to feed them sugar water overwinter. Did you know that most commercial honeys (grocery store brands) are actually just sugar water that the bees make into honey? It doesn't have the beneficial vitamins and nutrients that come hand-in-hand with raw, local honey that bees make from gathering pollen and nectar.

D'Art doesn't mind hanging out near the bees. He's never been stung, although a bee did get caught in his ear fur once and that was quite an annoyance!

The next stop is the campfire. It's rather hot and dry these days, so we haven't had a campfire for a while. But the poodles and humans alike enjoy it when we do. Here's a flashback to one of the campfire sessions this year.

Onwards and downwards. Down a switchback trail and into the woods.

He cross-crosses past the ferns and old growth cedars to stop and look back at me. D'Art's eyes are a little cloudy with age, but if he could see really well he would look over the edge and down to a small creek.

It's a little hard to see this time of year, even for me. The greenery of cedars and vine maples block the view somewhat. It's also a bit too steep of a climb for D'Art, so we turn around.

And head back from whence we came. I love how to sun dances through the tree branches and across D'Art's back.

Back up the switchback! "Are you coming slow-poke?" he says.


At the top, I stop to look for ripe blackberries, but these ones are still mostly green.


D'Art stops to look for bunnies. This is a known bunny hang-out. See how well he points (tail out and one paw bent in the direction of interest)? That wasn't a taught behavior. It's in his genes and harks back to the days when poodles were used primarily as hunting dogs.


Silly boy! No bunny hunting for you! D'Art looks back for one last look, just in case.


And then leads me home.


  1. What a lovely area you live in, like the "Enchanted Forest!" I never knew that about honey, thank you for the info...I guess it pays to pay for the GOOD stuff!!! DakotasDen

  2. What a beautiful area you have! That's exactly the kind of place I feel at home in. We have yet to explore all of our woods at our new house and I can't wait to get out there more.
    I didn't know that about the bees, though I did know that buying local honey could be good for allergies.

  3. This is why I love the Pacific Northwest so much. All the green. I haven't seen vines in a long time. We only have trees and ferns in our woods. Oh and rabbits, skunks and deer - oh my.

  4. We love your enchanted forest. Sam is very jealous!

  5. Oh intrepid D'art. How beautiful the walk was. I felt the forest. Cole used to stand like that when hunting. It's just majestic. Even through cloudy eyes, they see to lead us. LeeAnna


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