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Is it just me, or has June come and gone in the blink of a eye? It's been busy around here, which isn't uncommon, but perhaps even more so than usual. The poodles are feeling it too, as they are out like a light at bedtime. D'Art's sawing logs before the sun goes all the way down!

Overseeing the honey harvest.
We started the month off with a honey harvest and a few other beekeeping tasks, including splitting a hive whereby you split one hive into two and hope that the queen-less hive will raise their own queen from the brood you give them. So far so good! The honey is lovely this year too!

Removing the wax cap from the honey comb.

Aside from cherry picking, we are now on to raspberries and soon blueberries thereafter. The currants and gooseberries are also producing this time of year.

These raspberries aren't going to pick themselves!

And last, but not least, we're replacing our carpet with wood floors! I can hardly wait! Do you believe in signs? Well, 5 minutes before we had planned to leave for the flooring store D'Art tracked dog poop from his paws all over the carpet. Sigh....if that's not a sign I don't know what is! 

Carpet in the hallway was the first to go. Meanwhile, Teddy is doing his regular neighborhood watch out the cat door.
Carpet and I just don't get on. I don't mind it in a nice, pristine, inner-city condo where no one tracks in mud (or poop). But here out in the woods? It just doesn't make sense. It will be so nice to have a cleanable floor! The process is just starting and I imagine it will take a while start to finish as we have to fit it in around work. Have I mentioned what a pain it is to pull out tack strips and staples? Oh well, it will be worth the wait! The poodles are very good about having their world literally ripped-up. Furniture is not where it once was and they are troopers about navigating the maze of chairs and tables. I've observed that as long as they can see what we are doing, banging of hammers and other loud noises don't bother them. They just sit by and watch.

Enjoy laying on the carpet while you can, D'Art!
  So July, I'm not ready for you yet, but I suppose I have no choice! Let's do this!


  1. Poodles are so smart so it is no wonder they take it all in stride! Your own honey??? YUM!! Heavenly!!! We have Pergo floors (the laminate that looks like wood), I like Pergo because water just beads up on it, with real hardwood, the water is actually still absorbed as it is with carpet. We are in a condo/apt building in the suburbs but we STILL get things tracked in by doggy paws so we love our flooring too! DakotasDen

  2. One of my favorite moments in life was discovering that under the carpet in the house we bought were hardwood floors in pretty good shape. Your blog makes me hungry and envious of your food sources.

  3. Even though we live near the city center, I can guarantee carpet is not immune to leaves, mud spots, etc. in a very urban setting. You're gonna love hardwood floors-can't imagine not having them or tile flooring. Carpeting is so over-rated. Reading about your honey and berry crops, I'm salivating. Enjoy those sweet treats! Have a safe and happy 4th 🇺🇸

  4. YES!!! I am so with you on the carpet thing. For some reason, John loves carpet... I'd have all hard surfaces if I could, so we've compromised with carpet only upstairs. That said, we do have rugs tossed around for Emmett and traction!

  5. We replaced the carpet in our living and dining room almost three years ago; we're thinking about ripping up the carpet in our upstairs hallway. I think I'm going to push for that change a little harder. I do like the warmth of carpet, but the clean up is a pain when you live with pets.

    And, yes, June flew by.


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