New Poodle on the Block

We welcomed Luna into our home one week ago today! Luna is a 7 year old, apricot standard poodle. We adopted her from a shelter where she was surrendered after being found living in a park. Can you imagine this little beauty wandering around a park on her lonesome? It makes my heart hurt! The shelter indicated to me that her owner was terminally ill and could no longer care for her, so she somehow wound-up in a park. She didn't have a collar and clearly hadn't been bathed or cared for in a very long time. My heart is like an empty well when it comes to welcoming more animals into our lives and this is increased ten-fold for standard poodles, so I was elated to welcome her home into our family!

Luna knows the 'sit' command very well!
Initially she came to us with the name "Miss". However, it was pretty clear that this name meant little or nothing to her, so I embraced the opportunity to give her a name of my choosing. As you may know we did not change the boys' names, as they knew their names and had lived many years with them. This is the first time I've been able to name one of my poodles! The funny thing is, as soon as we started calling her Luna she seemed to respond more readily. It's as though she likes that name better too! (Side note, Luna Lovegood is my favorite character from Harry Potter. My Luna kind of reminds me of her, so it is a perfect fit!)

By day two I couldn't take the smell any longer and she just had to have a bath. If I had a penny for every "gold girl" or "good Luna" I've said over the last week, I'd be rich! Positive training has been used in full force this week and my belt mounted treat bag is proving immensely useful!

She was unsure about stairs for the first few days and I would hazard a guess that she's never lived with other dogs before. Aside from a few small growls exchanged between Teddy and Luna to establish boundaries, the three are getting along well. She has bonded with the humans already, but I expect the dynamic between the three poodles will take a little while longer until they consider each other steadfast friends. Meanwhile, they tolerate each other and have even attempted play a couple of times. As each day passes, their attitude towards each other improves! Today we're at 'friend I like to see every six months for a quick lunch' stage, which is a huge improvement from three days ago when we were at 'acquaintance I sometimes hate because they're always right' stage!

Hanging out in the garden with her brothers.
I'm so excited to share this news with you and can't wait to write more about Luna - what tricks she knows and what tricks she likes to learn, her play style (she plays in such a cute puppy-like way, I'll have to get a video), the list goes on! Luna is a perfect candidate for a family who practices positive training and I can't wait to dive-in with her. For now I am using it to navigate the daily tasks like nail clipping, ear cleaning (her ears were horrendously dirty), bathing, etc. All of which are challenges for her (and me) as she hasn't had exposure to these basic tasks for a long while. I'm also being extra careful to make sure I engage Teddy and D'Art equally to keep jealously to a minimum. They too are benefiting from the extra praise and treats!

Walking the three poodles together is a good, positive way to bond while getting exercise!
 Have you ever welcomed a third dog into your family? Any tips for me, now that I am a 'mom' to three?


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can we go to lunch soon. I miss you!!!

    I'm so excited for you and it sounds like you're doing everything well. The hardest part for me is splitting myself 4 ways. When one dog needs more attention, I need to spread myself to make sure the other dogs get something more as well. It helps them all feel like this is something WE'RE doing instead of THEY'RE doing. I don't know why I used caps, it's just a CAPS day.

    She's gorgeous and my heart was breaking to hear where she came from; thank you for sharing. I can't wait to meet her. When she's ready (and you too), I'd be happy to go for a pack walk with one of my dogs and we can slowly build until we have more dogs on the trail (we'll be infamous); it'll take awhile, but I'm patient.

    I'm so very excited for you and Luna. I love that you FINALLY get to name a dog!!!


  2. So thrilled for you and more than just a tad jealous of your good fortune to find this sweet looking girl. I've been looking to add a baby brother or sister to the household, Sam could use some canine companionship during the day and like you, when it comes to standard poodles, seem to have a bottomless well of love to give. Lovely name for your girl; it seems to suit her. Happy weekend❣️

  3. Congratulations! just need a white one! :)

  4. YOU are incredible! Luna is a beauty (I LOVE her name!) and you are making my heart soooo full today!!!!! I can't wait to read about further updates!!

  5. Congratulations on your new family member! Luna looks very happy, and it sounds like she's settling in well. Our latest dog, Luke, is the first one we've had that I've really used positive reinforcement training with. I can certainly see how it will make any future additions to our family much easier too.

  6. Such a pretty girl! She is very lucky that she found you! :)

  7. Congratulations to all of you! Luna is beautiful, and I'm so excited to follow her adventures. It sure sounds like things are off to a pretty good start... though, like you, the wandering in the park just breaks my heart. Thank goodness that's behind her, and she has a fabulous, loving family to care for her!!

  8. She looks very sweet. Congrats on the new addition! Positive training will work wonders! Thanks for joining the hop.


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