Luna Update

I'm not sure who had the crazy idea to re-floor our entire house while also adopting a third dog and integrating her into the family...oh wait, it was me. We'll let's just say that sometimes I feel a bravery that other days wanes somewhat! Today it is waning, but not without good reason...I'm exhausted!  The new flooring is just over half installed. The main living space and the office are done, which is good as they get the most traffic, but we still have a ways to go. 

 I keep telling Luna that life will be boring when this is over. Ever since she joined the family it has been nothing but hammers pounding, compressors hissing and furniture moving all around the place! Nevertheless, she's taken it all in stride!

D'Art thinks the new floors are a wee bit slippery, so he appreciates having a bed near by.
We are three weeks, to the day, into having Luna in our family. Teddy and D'Art are doing fantastically well with it! The three poodles are learning to play nicely together and the occasional snarl or growl that we encountered that first week is now a thing of the past! Ladies and gentlemen, we have entered friend territory! 

Luna herself is still nervous of some things. Having guests come over can be a bit uncomfortable for her, but we're working on it. It is interesting to observe that she takes a lot of her cues from Teddy and D'Art, so if they are at ease around someone, then she more readily adapts her own approach to match theirs. The stairs still cause her to pause and consider her options. I imagine she didn't encounter many stairs in that park she was living in. She'll walk them with me, but by herself they are downright scary!

Aside from Teddy getting a bit of a cough from something Luna passed on from the shelter (thank goodness D'Art didn't get sick!) All is going better than could be hoped for. We have some work to do when it comes to good behavior around the chickens. But these things take time. Meanwhile, she stays on leash when we are near the chicken yard. I have learned, however, that going in the car trumps chickens (so in a pinch I can get her attention with that). I don't like to bride my dogs though, so I will be glad when her recall improves and coming to me when I call her trumps the chickens! Playing outside after the chickens have gone into the coop is always a nice way to end the day.

Look mom, no leash!
With the craziness of these last few weeks, we haven't done much exploring in the woods lately. I hope to remedy this over the weekend. Meanwhile, we wish everyone who reads this an enjoyable weekend to come!

Next week, I have a fun post planned all about 'poodle-smarts'! I hope you'll stop by and check it out!


  1. Soooo happy that all is going well! Luna's markings are just beautiful. Love your new floor too! Love your wonderful family! DakotasDen

  2. Oh. my. gosh. She is so cotton-pickin' adorable. So glad the transition is progressing along nicely. Luna seems like a wonderful addition to your family. Ear and butt scratches to the fur-kids. ;)
    P.S. That flooring is just fabulous looking!

  3. She is so gorgeous. Congrats on the floors. I remember chatting with you about them two years ago when we did ours. J is considering taking up the hardwoods and replacing with with the tile that looks like wood. I doubt that it'll happen, because that space is HUGE.

    Love that everyone is getting on. I've been working on our dogs' recall too. Our neighbor's chickens are fascinating, especially the rooster. Luckily, they've been staying on our property so far this summer.


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