Wordless Wednesday - Bath Time

We have a special guest visiting in a few days, so bath time is in order.

Teddy is good at pretending that baths are miserable.

So is D'Art, but they don't actually hate it as much as his expression suggests.

Nevertheless, they are always happiest when it is over and it's time to run around and play!


  1. But...but...Poodles are water dogs. This is their element.

    1. True! But I guess getting soaped up in the tub is not as fun as running through the sprinkler or playing in the pool!

  2. They look happy as clams afterwards, but it would seem they really know how to lay it on thick with those sad, woe is me eyes. ;)

  3. It must be something imprinted on their poodle DNA that makes that sad-sack bath face. Sam has it too. BOL❣️ Have fun with your visitor; hope we'll get to see pics soon.


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