Wordless Wednesday - Campfire

We've been having dinner around the campfire more often these days.

Some of us are just here for the food.

Wait, is there more food?

While others just like to gaze into the woods.


  1. Cool shots! Thanks for stopping by today - we love making new friends! :) Come back! Happy WW!

  2. I see that velcro hair picked up oak pollen...
    LeeAnna and Cole

  3. There's nothing like a campfire, or a good gaze into the woods! :) Great photos....I miss having a campfire!

  4. Nothing quite like a smoke scented poodle to make the outdoor dining experience more authentic. :)

  5. Gazing into the woods, a fire and some food...what more could you ask for? :) Looks like a fun time!

  6. nothing better than the smell of a bonfire!! What fun! DakotasDen


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