Wildfires seem to be a part of our lives earlier this year. Last weekend I came across a helicopter team applying water to a forest fire. Having heard the news of a horrific wildfire in Fort McMurray Alberta, Canada, my heart jumped when I saw smoke and flames on the hillside. These things can grow in the blink of an eye. It made me stop and evaluate what I would do if I had to evacuate my home, and how I would conduct myself for the best safety of the poodles.

Helicopter bringing water to wildfire.

I know what I would grab if I have to leave at the drop of a hat - passports, legal documents, special paintings and photos. But what about the poodles? What do they need? They gain comfort from their own belongings so I would absolutely grab their beds, food and favorite toys. I would also bring their rabies certificates, as having them allows me to travel out of the country if I need to.

Another important factor for me to consider is that the poodles are adept at picking-up on emotions. As a result, I would do them (and me) a disservice by losing my cool. If I stay calm, they have a better chance of staying calm too. This is especially important in an emergency, when I need their compliance more readily than usual.

Lastly, I would absolutely bring a few large bottles of water and my doggie first-aid kit. It doesn't take long to miss fresh water when you need it. What's more, in an emergency you have little control over if and when you can get to a vet, so a basic first-aid kit is essential.

All in all, it is probably fair to say that I would bring more for my boys than I would for myself. But then again, who am I kidding? That's no surprise!

Let's hope none of us have to deal with an emergency, but what about you? What would you bring for your pup if you had to evacuate your home at the last minute?


  1. Excellent advice-thank you! I have a small go-bag in the car just for Sam. Given the horrific fires at Fort McMurray, Alberta and having seen the damage wildfires did back in 2012 in my own home state, I just may expand the ready-set-go bag to include more...just in case. Some fires are so quick, you get little time to prepare for evacuation. ღ

  2. These are important things to think about. I keep saying I am going to put a kit together and I need to get on that! DakotasDen


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