Go Fetch

Life is too busy. I know that is a statement we can all relate to. Spring is especially busy around here with more gardening, more outdoor projects, more tasks we put off all winter, more honeybee activity, more chicks, more eggs. Good thing I love it all. Anyway, all that on top of normal 'adulting' and I'm left with too little time to try new training goals with the poodles. That said, bless their sweet souls, they don't mind so much what we do as long as it sometimes includes balls and walks and treats. This month's positive training blog hop is all about play and although we haven't played anything new or creative recently, I do still try to get outside once a day to play fetch. Teddy lives for his ball. His world blurs when he sees that ball. D'Art likes it too, but in a less obsessed way.

 My biggest training goal these days is consistency...for myself. I want to be consistent with how my husband plays with the poodles and how I do. Consistent commands, expectations and praise. It's me who drops the ball sometimes (pun intended). I find myself talking to the poodles in run-on sentences instead of sticking to clear statements. Where my husband might say "come...good", "sit...good", "give it (the ball)...good." I might say "Teddy please come here, good boy, sit, down, sit, good boy. Give it...give me the ball, would you please give me the ball? Teddy, drop it, DROP THE BALL...thanks, good boy." Poor Teddy. How confused must he be! So, for the last week or two I've really been thinking before I speak and I've noticed a difference. Where before he would hand the ball over to my husband at first request and I had to pry it out of his jaws, now he gives me the ball when I request it too. No prying required!

As for D'Art, he likes to play chase. So he tends to keep the ball and I just chase him around the yard. Then, when his old bones get too sore he plonks himself down and watches everyone else. The ball is second to just hanging out with his family as far as he's concerned.

Happy May everyone! Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers


  1. Consistency is good. I've been really trying to make sure I only say cues once but I do fail sometimes! Thanks for joining the hop.

  2. We bought our dogs Chuck It toys and they're a huge hit. I'm about to head outside to play fetch with them now!

  3. What lovely photos!!! Happy May is right!

  4. We don't try new stuff often enough, but the crew always seems happy as long as they get their daily ball playing in!


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