Wordless Wednesday - You've Got Mail!

Up until a few days ago, the poodles had never received mailed before. This changed when a very special human sent them each a new stuffie. Lucky dogs!

Getting mail is fun! Happy Wednesday!


  1. lucky dogs! LeeAnna and Cole the poodle at not afraid of color

  2. So much fun. Our dogs think everything that comes in the mail is for them. I've cut back my reviews a while ago, but that doesn't stop them from nosing into every package that arrives. LOL

  3. Those look like fun toys! Leo likes the boxes that come for the humans.

  4. Someone thinks a lot of them! Enjoy your toys!

    Abby the Labrador in Chicago

  5. Getting mail is the absoDOODLEtute best! At least Harley & Jaxson think so...


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