A Dog Friendly Easter

No matter how hard you try, some Easter eggs just don't get found right away. A few years ago at my in-law's house we couldn't find the last two eggs. A few months later they were discovered in the front garden and the candy inside was still edible! As we all know, chocolate is poisonous to dogs, and candy isn't good for them either, so here are a few ways to host an Easter egg hunt without taking risks that could harm your beloved pups.

This chick doesn't have a name yet, but she knows how to strike a pose!

  •  To prevent your pup finding and eating the goods, keep the egg hunt portion of your celebration somewhere the dogs don't go. If you have an un-fenced front yard and the dogs typically stay in the backyard only - hold your egg hunt in the front yard! 
  • If you're planing an indoor egg hunt. Be sure your pups are somewhere calm and safe while your group hunts for the eggs. Try to make a mini map of how many eggs you've hidden per room, so you can take stock at the end and go back for the ones that got missed. You don't want your doggy cleanup crew to eat the goods and get sick!
  • An alternative to hiding candy is to hide clues for a scavenger hunt. That way the goodies are in one secure hiding place at the end of the scavenger hunt for the winners to unearth!
Parsley, the hen, eating some seed I left for her.

Keep in mind, those plastic Easter eggs that you can fill with candy don't look all that different from dog toys, so don't be upset if your pup mistakens them for his! Instead, prevent upset tummies but organizing a dog friendly Easter!

D'Art, Easter egg model extraordinaire!

Last but certainly not least, don't forget about your pups! Most dogs love to engage in some nose work in an effort to locate treats. You can hide something dog friendly around the house or yard either before or after the Easter egg hunt. The poodles love to play 'hide and go treat' and there's no reason why they shouldn't get in on the action too.

Teddy's wondering if he gets a treat for looking so handsome!
What about you? Do you have any dog-friendly Easter plans?


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