Nightly Chicken Check

Chickens are good at putting themselves to bed, but occasionally mine like to sleep in trees so it is good practice to check that everyone made it safely into the coop come nightfall. I often bring a poodle accomplice along.

We stop to say hello to the four goldfish that live in a half wine barrel.

We wander over to the chicken yard, check for eggs. No goods tonight, but we're coming our of the winter egg dearth so I am getting more eggs now that spring is just around the corner. There will probably be a few waiting for me tomorrow.

Sometimes we say hello to the hens. They always say hello back with little cackles and peeps.

If it's raining, we'll make a beeline back for the warm, dry house. If it's dry, we'll stop to explore the forest along the way and look out for our friendly neighborhood bard owl. It was raining tonight, so we hurried back indoors. I bet the owl is taking shelter too.


  1. We're considering getting chickens. The only way I'll be okay is if J takes care of them; with four dogs and one cat, I have my hands full. But we'd love to have fresh eggs.

    1. If you do, I would be happy to advise in any way I can!


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