Nature's Calendar

I don't need to look at the calendar to know that spring is right around the corner. Mother Nature tells me loud and clear.

The bees break from their winter cluster and start flying and foraging. On a mild, sunny day I'm able to open the hive for the first time since last autumn. The bees look healthy and strong, all 80,000 of them! (Approximately, I haven't actually counted.)

The chickens bathe in the sunshine. Chickens take baths too, but their medium is dust instead of water. The dust gets worked up under their feathers and helps to suffocate any mites that may wish to live there. Ironically, these dust baths also help to knock off other dirty substances (mud, poop, etc.) and the girls come away from their spa visit looking fluffy and gorgeous! Just in time for a trip to the nesting box to start laying lovely fresh eggs!

The poodles ring the bells we have on our front and back doors asking to be let outside. As spring draws near, their desire to sun bathe and enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest is too strong an urge to ignore. A poodle's heart is soothed by the sun and the smells!

If they're good, they may get a meaty bone thrown in for good measure!

But just as Mother Nature tells me spring is near, so too does she tell me that the winter hunger that affects our wild friends is still prevalent. A few days back I started off my morning by chasing a coyote, who was chasing my chicken, out of my yard. The coyote took off like a flash when it saw me racing after it in my bath robe and slippers and the hen returned to her friends unharmed, but it is a reminder that everyone has needs to meet and we share this environment. Hopefully the coyote can find some other source of food until the plethora of spring is here. My hens are off limits! The poodles are helping deter his return by peeing on the chicken yard fence. We all have our parts to play!

Are you seeing signs of spring yet?


  1. LOL - "we all have our parts to play."

    Our neighbors have chickens and a rooster - the rooster is mean. Zoey wants to get closer, but she'll be out matched. We haven't seen or heard coyotes in our area since the summer (which is usually when we hear them).

    Wow 80,000 bees. That's astounding.

  2. What a lovely post! You have me dreaming of spring! We did see some tulip buds poking up around our neighbor's mailbox, but the poor things are a smidge confused (we had a weird bout of warm weather last week). Still, spring dreaming!


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