Family Day

Did you know that South Africa, some provinces in Canada, Arizona and Nevada and a few other places across the globe celebrate Family Day? I like this idea and recently I've been thinking about the meaning of family. My family is never far from my mind but I'm specifically talking about the definition of what family means to me. If you had asked me 20+ years ago what my family would look like when I "grew up" (wait, did that really happen?), I would not have described the family I have today. I may have pictured myself married to some local guy and I probably would had said that I had kids. After all, I did come from a large family of collectively 7 children in total so having children seemed an acceptable fate. If pressed, I may have had a pet cat too. Instead, I uprooted myself and moved far away to follow my heart. I'm about to celebrate 9 years of marriage and have roots in a new home now. Additionally, I'm the proud guardian to Teddy and D'Art. The reality of what is today, was not on my radar when I was a teenager. The reason I am telling you this though, and why this post is much more personal than I normally write, is that I wouldn't change it for the world. I love my family. My family is perfect for me. I hate the age-old question "when are you going to start a family?" as if my current bonds don't count as family. Not only do they count, they mean the world to me. Family Day may not be a thing where we live, but I think it's always good to stand back and appreciate what we have. I, for one, am blessed with a wonderful family. 

I promise to get back to our regular mumbo jumbo (i.e. less sappy) next week. I think we're due for some more photos of the poodles hanging out in the forest! Meanwhile, enjoy your week with your families!


  1. I didn't know my life would turn out the way it has either. That is both bad and good. But one thing I wouldn't change is sharing my life with my collies. Dogs bring us such joy, even in our darkest days.

    1. Too true! I never would have imagined the depth of joy I get from my poodles. We are lucky!


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