Getting Rid of Smells Without Smells - A Shampoo Review

The day we adopted D'Art, he had also been taken to the groomers. For the first two weeks of his life in our family I was battling hives. I'm allergic to most scents and perfumes. They give me hives. I was, of course, too pleased to have this new poodle in our family to really care about the offending, itchy, red spots. He smelled pretty and his fur was soft, but my skin did not approve.

Teddy and D'Art meet for the first time. Look how nicely groomed D'Art is!
When we adopted Teddy, he smelled pretty bad but had just been neutered and wasn't allowed to bathe for 2 weeks. That didn't stop me, however, from having a bottle of shampoo at the ready for that fateful day! As soon as he was healed, it was off to the tub! I chose earthbath from day-one because it was readily available, completely scent-free and also free of all those other chemically ingredients that shampoos are known to have (parabens, etc.) So, when approached by earthbath to review some of their products I was comfortable doing so because I already use them. I felt my endorsement would be sincere. Full disclosure though, I was given a bottle of earthbath hypoallergenic shampoo and a bottle of earthbath oatmeal and aloe conditioner in exchange for an honest review. And, my mum is coming to visit soon so it is pretty well timed. A clean poodle makes for better reception with guests.

Bath time with the poodles is fairly uneventful. They're very compliant. I say "get in the tub" and what do they do? They get in the tub. Simple as that. Today, Teddy was the test subject. He got the usual soaking, and then a good application of shampoo. I do find that I need to use a few good-sized 'glops' to get enough coverage with this shampoo, but one bottle still lasts me ages, even with two large dogs. The shampoo lives up to its name and contains no scents. Once washed Teddy just smells like a clean dog, not the Sear's perfume counter. It genuinely cleans; I can attest to that because my bathtub is always dirty after washing the poodles. Additionally, he always feels softer after a bath with this shampoo. Most importantly, my skin (and his for that matter) approves.

Next up is the Oatmeal and Aloe conditioner. This is where the true experiment comes in, as I had never tried this product before. I don't normally use conditioner on the poodles. True to its name it is completely fragrance free. A little went a long way and I needed only one 'glop' to cover his torso and legs. It didn't feel overly greasy and it washed away nicely. The resulting poodle smells just as I would expect - clean. His coat does feel even a bit softer than normal. I look forward to seeing if it will make grooming with the clippers even easier. Although I wouldn't normally go out of my way to buy conditioner for the poodles, this one will most certainly be put to good use. If you seek out unscented, hypoallergenic products, then I would recommend considering earthbath.

Time to snuggle up by the fire and dry off.


  1. I love our dog's shampoo, I love the scent. But so many people have allergies to perfumes, and many of the shampoos on the market are too strongly scented - dogs hate them. So it's great that this is available!

  2. great info. I find a conditioner makes brush outs achievable. Gole sure needs a bath at the moment, as he is almost 14 and taken to stepping in his pee... ewww. Poor boy's joints hurt and he can't hold his leg up as well. LeeAnna


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