Top 3 Reasons Why the Poodles Love the Forest

These poodles of mine are anything but foofy! They love to get dirty and explore the woods just like any other country-loving dog out there.

Here are the top 3 reasons why the poodles love the forest:

#3. Space! We have lots of space to run and play. This is especially good when Teddy gets 'full of beans' and needs to race around like a maniac! The poodles often run through the trees and dash in and out of the yard, chasing each other.

Hey poodles, wait for me!
 #2. Obstacles! The forest, unlike an open field, is full of obstacles. It is Mother Nature's agility course. Fallen trees to traverse, boulders to dodge, bunny holes to jump over and slopes to negotiate. The forest is an ever-changing playground.

No slope too steep for D'Art!
 #1. Smells! This ones tops the list for sure. Poodles are originally hunting dogs. They love to put their nose to the ground and sniff out all the animals, both present and past. They are the first to know when a coyote has passed by, or where that bunny went as he hopped off into the trees. There is always something new to learn, by smell, when we go outside. Teddy has, in the past, even helped me locate a remains of one of my chickens that was taken by a predator. Luckily the need for his detective skills doesn't arise often, but I can always rely on the poodles to know what's going on in the woods before I do - just by smelling it!

I think it went this way....
Of course, the flip side to all this fun and frivolity in the woods is that some of it comes back into the house with the poodles. The biggest offender is sticks, usually stuck on their ears. We also get leaves, pine needles, brambles, pine cones, slugs, beetles, centipedes and, of course, mud! But that's a small price to pay for so much happiness!

Where does your dog like to explore and play?

Are you done with the photos yet?


  1. It sounds like you live in the perfect place! I would love to have a forest to run, jump and explore.
    We used to have a small spot that was nothing but woods and trails. It was a magical place to go on our walks. Unfortunately the owner passed away and they sold the land. There are a lot of homes on it now. We have such great memories of the times we spent there.

    For the rest of the day, I am going to close my eyes and imagine that I am running through that forest with you.
    Thank you for sharing these photos. I loved them.

    1. Carma, I have no doubt that we would love to run and play in the forest with you!

  2. That's what our dogs love too. I was walking around on our neighbor's property (when Rodrigo went on his walk-about) and found a cool area that our dogs would love to explore. I'll only be able to take them one or two at a time, but they'll love it.


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