Thrifty Fun - Dogs and Bowls

It is a necessity to get creative with ways to stimulate and exhaust our pups during winter. What with dark evenings and cold, wet days we get less outdoor playtime than usual. Although the poodles do have a couple of puzzle ball toys that they enjoy playing with, it is fun to mix it up now and then. Here's a thrifty way to engage your dog in fun, for pretty much just the cost of a treat! If your dog isn't food motivated, consider replacing the treat with their favorite toy.

What you'll need
  • At least one dog (I prefer two).
  • A bowl. Chose the size of bowl based on the size of your dog. I use 4 cup Pyrex bowls for the poodles.
  • A treat (or two).

Let the dog see the treat as you place in in the bowl. Turn the bowl upside down and set it on the floor. Say the magic word, and watch the fun unfold! It is fun to see the various ways they attempt to get the treat out, some being more successful than others. The poodles have figured out that they are most successful when they can brace the bowl against something - such as a wall, chair leg, or one of their paws. Teddy tends to flip the bowl completely over, while D'Art is good at getting the treat out while leaving the bowl upside down. If it gets too easy, increase the size or weight of the bowl. On average I would say it takes the poodles anywhere between 1-5 minutes to get their treat. We often play this game a couple of times in one evening.



  1. That looks like a super fun game! And Mom says her favorite thing about it is it's cheap fun! BOL


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