A Paw Friendly Christmas Craft - Carpet Powder

Alright, I'm just going to say it. I hate carpet. Too bad my house is lined with the stuff. Believe you me, it's on the to-do list to put in wood floors, but meanwhile the carpet and I do daily battle. We battle each other, the weather, the muddy poodle paws, the wet boots, you know the deal. 

While cooking dinner the other night, I glanced over at an empty parmesan bottle and a light went off in my head (figuratively speaking). The lowly parmesan bottle makes the perfect carpet powder container, and thus a craft was born!

I enjoy crafts. I also enjoy finding ways to save money while keeping my house as chemical-free and 'green' as possible. Baking soda is a stand-by for me. It really does help with bad odors. It's the main ingredient in commercial carpet powders. Here's my low-cost, easy carpet powder recipe/craft. You could even make this a gift for a pet loving friend who may own a house infested with carpet, or even just a rug. After all, 'tis the season of giving and what true pet lover doesn't appreciate a gift that imparts pleasant smells and helps with messes?!


Step 1: Assemble the goods! You will need:
  1. A clean, empty parmesan bottle. A large spice bottle would probably work too.
  2. Baking soda, just buy the big box - trust me, it's worth it.
  3. Your favorite essential oils.
  4. Glue, markers, ribbon and paper.
Step 2: Fill your bottle half-way with baking soda. At this point, stop and put in your essential oils. If you are a fan of unscented products, leave this step out. Since it's Christmas, and I love the smell of apple cinnamon, I am using cloves and cinnamon. I put 6 drops of each. I also recommend a citrus like grapefruit oil, or a floral like rose or lavender. Be sure to buy a good quality oil. Most natural food stores carry a good selection.

Step 3: Fill the remainder of the bottle with baking soda. Leave about 1.5 inches of head space. Add another dose of essential oils and replace the lid. Time to shake it up! The oil will mix around, mingling its aroma with the soda.

Step 4: Pretty up the bottle. You can do as much or as little as you want. I went middle of the road with some basic labeling and a small piece of ribbon. Voila! Your carpet powder is ready for use.

If you've never used carpet powder before, I recommend shaking it over the carpet of your choosing and then leaving it for a few hours, at minimum. Up to a day is OK too. Thereafter, just vacuum it up! It won't remove stains from your carpet, but it will make it smell fresher. It's the only reason the carpet and I are still on speaking terms (albeit tense ones).

D'Art approves of our Christmas carpet powder and I hope you do too!


  1. I'm so going to do this. What a great gift idea too. Thanks!!! We hate carpet too; our upstairs is the last frontier, in the mean time, something like this would make the carpet more pleasant.


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