A New Leash on Walks

Prior to spending all of the Thanksgiving weekend sick with the flu, Teddy and I got a chance to try out his new leash a couple of times. I first encountered the ROK Straps leash when volunteering at a local shelter. I was immediately drawn to how beefy it is! I liked the fact that it has some elasticity and a nice, soft, but still strong, handle. I promptly ordered one for myself from Amazon. Of the two poodles, Teddy is the one who struggles with walking at my pace. He wants to RUN! So we continue to work on his heeling skills, and granted he has improved, but he still loves it when I start to jog. Because of this, I thought he would be the perfect candidate for this strong and stretchy leash.

And I was right. He may not have noticed it was different, but I sure did. At about a foot shorter than his previous 6' leash, I like the fact that I don't have to wad up all the extra leash around my hand. Its extra weight really gives me confidence in its durability. Although the idea behind heeling is to not pull on the leash, when he does pull, the elasticity makes it less of a jolt on me (which when walking a combined weight of 140lbs of dog, with Teddy and D'Art together, is a good thing.)

Perhaps it was the new leash, perhaps it was the one-on-one time we had together, or perhaps it was practicing clicker training (shout-out to Oh My Dog! blog for this awesome clicker!), but he heeled very nicely for most of the walk. I'm hoping in a day or two walking will be back on the post-flu agenda and we can get out and about with our new leash again.


  1. I have so many leashes and I really don't need another one, but that won't stop me from checking out this one. LOL

    As you know, Rodrigo is the one I struggle with and I'm always looking for a leash that works for both of us. And I agree, I don't like wrapping up the leash. Turns out, Rodrigo prefers shorter leashes too.


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