Back At It!

Well folks, sorry about being silent around here for the last little while. I could give you all sorts of uninteresting, human excuses, but this blog isn't about me and I know we all have our challenges in instead I will say thanks for coming back to read the Forest Poodles blog. We shall endeavor to post once per week and hope you'll stick with us through our adventures!

Seeing as this is my first post for a while, I thought I would use it to get you up-to-speed on what's been going on in the poodles' world for the last few weeks.

For about 10 days, D'Art had some muscle soreness that made it painful for him to push himself up off the ground. The pain originated in his neck. Have you ever slept in an odd way and then, upon awakening, not been able to turn your head to one side? Just like that. After a few days of rest, regular gentle massages and stretches, he's back to his usual self again. Living with a senior dog does come with its challenges at times and waking up sore one morning (for no known reason, although he likes to play so he may have overdone it the day before) is one of them. The hardest part is seeing him emotionally down when he isn't feeling physically well. Now that he's happy again, so too am I.

Sitting in the comfy chair is a senior's right!
Teddy and I have had to move the occasional play session (with his favorite bouncy ball) inside the house on heavy-rain days. He would happily play in the rain, it's me who's the coward! This is mostly very successful, despite the confines of our little house. We've only had one casualty; my African violet took a hit when the ball unexpectedly bounced off a stair rail and landed directly in the plant pot. I've moved said violet to safer ground and am hoping she comes back to life (anyone know plant CPR?) Teddy loves to play, no matter when or where, with his ball. He gives me all his attention when I have it in hand!

Throw the ball already!

Of course, we continue to walk and play and go on adventures. I've been trying a new tactic in the car with Teddy to help with his anxiety. I will write more about this in future weeks. I am also eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new leash, which I first came across at the shelter where I volunteer. I'll tell you more about it once the poodles and I get a chance to try it out together. Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by! It is good to be back!


  1. Welcome back. We miss you and we'll have to plan an outing soon - when it's not raining. I'm not a fan either. Riding in a confined space with four wet dogs isn't high on my list of Fun Things to Do.


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