September Lessons - Positive Training Blog Hop

The poodles and I were out walking the other day, and I was feeling introspective. Signs of autumn in the air does that to me. Summer flew by; August especially. I realized that in being distracted with thinking about life, I missed important moments of the summer season.

Whenever we walk, especially in new and different places, we get an opportunity to practice living. Instead of thinking about how we handle distractions, other dogs, deer and bunnies....we get to live it. So, as September strolls into our lives, the poodles and I have mutual training goals. The poodles are 'training' me to live in the moment, feel the fresh air in my lungs, listen to the birds and stop to smell the flora (literally). My goal for Teddy and D'Art is to practice living. To go out into the world together and practice the things we work on around home. Practice coming when called in a new and strange place, practice walking loosely on the leash, practice seeing deer without chasing them. All this practice, in real life, isn't really practice at all - its just living.

Dogs are masters of living in the moment; humans, not so much. Perhaps we can all learn from each other about thriving in this world.


  1. Obedience is definitely harder in a new and distracting environment. I'm not sure if Mr. N can ignore deer... he's never seen one up close. It's always good to stop and smell the roses though! Thanks for joining the hop.

  2. My dogs have me so well-trained. Leo has me getting out of bed on cue. His cue: pulling at the bedsheets.

  3. The great outdoors is very overwhelming for Ruby - I celebrate the most cursory glance or other acknowledgement of my existence on walks! You sure have a beautiful setting for training and living...thanks for joining the hop!


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