Autumn Changes

With autumn officially gracing us with her presence next week (September 23rd!) a few extra considerations come into play to prepare for dark and cooler evenings.

Firstly, the poodles get their autumn haircut. I spent 2 hours this morning on this task, and I think they look quite handsome as a result (considering I'm not a professional dog groomer). This is the last full-body haircut they get for a few months. I let their coats get longer in the autumn and winter, as they need the extra insulation. They still get regular brushing and baths as needed.

Next, we take into account the fact that our evening play time is often conducted in the dark. The first thing that proves immensely useful is the planet dog glow-in-the-dark ball. We couldn't have evening play time without these fantastic balls (and I'm not being compensated for saying that!) I charge the ball with a flashlight for a few seconds and then throw it. Both the poodles and I can see it, no matter where it lands!

Have you ever tried to find a black dog in the forest after dark? Well, let's just say it isn't easy. Enter the LED flashing collar. If it is completely dark out, I pop a LED flashing collar on each poodle so I can see them, no matter what they decided to smell or explore. It acts like a tracking device (flashing light = poodle) and gives me peace of mind! I got ours off of Amazon for a great price.

I also purchased new collars for the poodles last week (to wear all the time). These reflective collars are handsome, durable and very reflective! So far they are proving perfect for low light and reflecting house lights, flash lights and car lights.

We're set for autumn! How about you?


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