Wordless Wednesday - Stuffies

As much as I love looking at all the cute stuffed toys at the pet stores, my rational mind knows that buying them is almost akin to flushing money down the toilet. If Teddy gets his paws on a stuffy he is convinced that it is his responsibility to society to de-stuff it! D'Art is much more gentle, but they do share toys so toy decapitation is inevitable. Well, I found a good compromise. I can buy as many stuffies as I want and not feel bad about their demise, providing they come from the $.99 bin at the thrift store. I make sure they don't have any small hard plastic eyes/noses and then they take a tumble in the washing machine as soon as we get home.

Here's D'Art with his latest new stuffy - cow. He loves large, fluffy stuffies!

Teddy likes 'bite sized' stuffies. His new stuffy is called Love Dog. (It says love on the side.)


  1. Stuffies are so perfect for de-stuffing! Enjoy!!

  2. I had a coworker who got toys out of the claw machine for his dog to disembowel. Of course, the price depends on how good you are at the claw machine!

  3. The best part of a stuffy is taking out the stuffy!


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