Unconventional Essentials

I started to think about those things that I use often, to make life easier/cleaner with the poodles. I don't mean the mandatory essentials that we all have (e.g. poop bags, treats, leashes). I'm referring to those less conventional essentials that, if pushed, I would prefer not to live without. So here's my top 3. I hope after reading this you'll share some of you unconventional essentials with me!

1. A walking purse/bag. The purse I use, made by Le Sport Sac, was an awesome thrift store find! It even has cute little dogs on it! It is made of rip stop nylon, which is easy to wash and light to carry. It has two separate zip pockets. One pocket I use to hold a roll of poop bags and also the used poop bags. I don't know about you, but I don't really like walking miles carrying a full bag(s) of poop. Putting it in one side of the purse means that I don't have to hold it, smell it or see it. This is essential for country walks where garbage cans are few and far between! The other side of the purse is where I keep keys, ID, etc. That way I have a clean side and a 'dirty' side and when it needs it I can throw the purse in the washing machine with no worries that I will ruin the fabric.

2. A car seat cover. I like Kurgo car seat covers. They are covered by a good warranty, wash well, and match the interior of most cars. Anyone who's taken their dog for a walk in the woods on a wet day can appreciate the benefit of a waterproof car sear cover!

3. Dog friendly wipes. I keep a bottle of Natures Miracle Pet Wipes in the doggie car bag. There have been numerous times when I've needed to wipe one or both of the poodles clean and these have saved the day. They are especially useful when we are out and about, as I'm less likely to be near a sink for running water. You have to be careful about using regular baby wipes on pet paws, as they can contain things that make dogs sick and we all know how our pups like to lick their paws!


  1. We find the best helpful things in thrift stores or a store called Great Comebacks. Ma got a purse with a poodle on it for $25. She had to wait for 6 months for the price to all but the owner accepted the offer. Ma found the purse online and it was over $150.
    Love your bag

    1. That's a great deal - especially for a purse with a poodle on it! We're off to the thrift store today to try and find some stuffies for the poodles. That way when they get de-stuffed I don't feel so bad about it!


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