Tuesday Tricks - Yoga!

I mentioned the evolution of Teddy's 'yoga' trick in this previous post. Teddy goes into a downward dog-like stretch regularly. Usually before he's ready to settle down for a nap. It seemed like a god idea to capture this with a command. Now Teddy will 'yoga' for you whenever you like! D'Art can do it too, but being much less flexible means that his version of yoga is less visually noticeable and wouldn't really look like much in a photo. So, here is Teddy demonstrating his 'yoga'.

Although I know there are many other names for this trick, including 'bow'. Teddy has a few other 'b' commands, so I went with something that sounded completely different (and heck, it is kind of witty...right?!)

This photo isn't related to 'yoga', but it was kind of cute and fun so I thought we'd end here....

 Does your dog know a version of 'yoga'?


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