Tuesday Tricks - Belly!

"Belly" or "show me your belly" was a hard one of D'Art to learn. Not because he didn't understand the concept, but because he didn't trust humans well enough to expose such a delicate part of his body! He started off very reticent. But, with time, he learned it was worth it.

 When you show your belly, the reward is belly rubs after all! So, now he will often show his belly without being asked, as he likes the reward so much! 

Teddy learned "show me your belly" pretty quickly. This trick consists of lying on their sides, one, or more paws lifted to expose the belly. Teddy likes belly rubs so much that when lying on the floor he will often just lift his legs to expose his belly as I walk by, knowing I can't resist!

Belly rubs as the reward are fun for both poodle and human! The hair on their bellies is the softest of all!

Dogs show their bellies for more than just love and reward. They sometimes do this to display submissiveness. Physically forcing a dog to show its belly isn't a great thing to do. They should come to it themselves, although as for trick training, starting off with a little treat motivation never hurts!


  1. Oh look at that belly, I will come over and give you a good belly rub! I love belly rubs too!!! Have a fantastic Tuesday! :)


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