Tuesday Tricks - Beg!

Every Tuesday, the poodles and I are going to share a trick or game with you that we enjoy. This first one is a stand-by. It's the trick that Teddy will do without being asked, just to try to impress. We call it 'beg', but I know it has many other names including 'sitting pretty'. Both Teddy and D'Art can beg upon request. D'Art can do it by himself, but when we attempted this today he was already tired from our walk. So at first he just posed for the camera in repose.

Then, once we came back inside the house, we tried again. He did it, but I had to give him a hand. He's off the hook today, I know he's tired.

Can your pup 'beg'? Do you call it something different? We'd love to hear from you!


  1. They're so cute! We haven't tried this one yet either, something else to add to our list! :)


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