Tuesday Tricks - Hit the Light!

In this trick, Teddy demonstrates 'hit the light' which consists of turning a light switch on or off. He needs a little boost from a chair, otherwise the walls get scratched by claws!

Here's the light on...

And now it's off...

On a side note, I am realizing that my goals of writing multiple new posts throughout the week is too lofty for someone with an otherwise already busy life. I find myself too busy to write posts and read those over on my favorite blogs. The best compromise for me, for now, is to post less often and hope that this gives me enough free time to catch-up on blog posts written by others. So, if you hear a little less from Forest Poodles for now, don't be alarmed, we're just reading other blogs!


  1. Good job,Teddy! I know how you feel about trying to write blog posts but being able to read others takes time. I sometimes ignore my blog because I am busy reading others.
    Have a tail wagging Tuesday!


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