Ramping it Up!

The poodles were very lucky to be the winners of a give-away on an amazing blog called Oh My Dog! for a Solvit pet ramp. The timing of this couldn't be better, with D'Art now 11 years old and showing some signs of joint and muscle weakness I've started looking for ways to take extra care with his joints. Up until now, I've had to give him a boost into our car, usually after we've been out for a walk. At 75lbs, we've made it work, but he's no lap dog. Enter the Solvit ramp!

After a couple of practice sessions D'Art is walking up and down it upon command and without me needing to physically guide him with a leash.

I've got the ramp stored in the back of our car, ready for those times when he's feeling weak and stiff. I'd like to get into the habit of using it in hopes that it will decrease some of the wear and tear on his joints. Although when it comes to play time, he doesn't seem to care about such things!

Of course, Teddy wanted to show me what a clever boy he is and walked right up the ramp when he observed that I was doling out treats for anyone who did so. Clever boy!

It makes sense to get the poodles used to this now, before they need it 100% of the time. That way, when that day comes, using the ramp is just 'par for the course.' Thank you Oh My Dog blog!


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