Poodles in Town

Every once and a while, the poodles and I just need to feel some real pavement under our paws. So we head out for a 20 minute drive into town. This morning, we did just that. I stopped by the local hardware store to get all the essentials of a country girl's shopping list - grass seed, oyster shell (for the chickens) and a duster! Exciting, aren't I! After that, we parked near a local paved trail and went for a nice morning stroll.

Despite the change in scenery, Teddy still prefers to feel grass under his paws.

Part of our walk lead us over a bridge. D'Art is a little afraid of heights, so he sticks to me like glue while we walk over the bridge.

The river was beautiful this morning.

Once on the other side, D'Art was happy to pose for the camera again.

After a good walk, we came home to refresh ourselves. The poodles stuck to water, but I had a nice cup of tea.

Happy Saturday!


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    1. It was! And we got to enjoy being outside before it hit the mid 90's which, for us, is too hot! I hope you all enjoyed your day at the beach today!


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