8 Photos of Happiness!

I was invited to participate in 8 Photos of Happiness by my good friend from Keep The Tail Wagging! Having already enjoy a few other people's posts on this theme we can all agree on one thing - it isn't hard to find 8 happy photos of the sweet furry ones we love!

This first photo is of the two portraits painted by my dear friend and talented artist Aura's Garden. She captures each spirit perfectly!

Then we have this face.... need I say more?

Anytime I get to spend outside in the forest exploring with Teddy and D'Art is always a happy moment.

A sleeping poodle warms my heart...any sleeping dog actually, but Teddy is an expert at getting cozy and loves to 'nest' in blankets.

Hello said the turkey to the poodle. Want to play? Young turkeys are very playful and D'Art was very happy to give them attention!

Sunbathing buddies. I'm so glad I have the two dogs. They are great friends and enjoy each other's company.

But they aren't always this still and serene, they like to romp and play too! Watching the poodles play together brings me much joy!

This photo brings me happiness and cracks me up. These two will put up with a lot from me...including making them sit nicely for a photo wearing silly paper hats!

Thank you to Kimberly for including me in this fun blog post. You are a good friend! I believe the custom is to keep spreading the joy, so I encourage the following blogs to participate. If you have already done so, then I look forward to reading your posts!
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  1. I love these. Your dogs are such a part of my heart. We're family and we miss you. I love that we've become such great friends. I get so excited when I know that I'm going to see you and I wish we could have a picture of our dogs loudly greeting each other before we start our walks. Memories of their greetings crack me up!

    1. We feel the same about you and your pack! I'm hoping this weather cools off soon so we can start our walks again. I know the poodles miss their friends too! Teddy needs his barking buddy (Zoey) and D'Art and Scout need to walk side by side with Scout occasionally leaning over to sniff D'Art's mouth! Fun times!


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