Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone! We will be beating the heat and celebrating outside with pupsicles! (Well, I may stick to lemonade!)

I found some no-sodium turkey broth in the freezer that I made from one of our home-grown turkeys a couple of years ago. D'Art and Teddy thought it smelled amazing so I put it into empty yogurt cups.

After some time chilling out in the freezer they're ready to go, and believe you me, I get instant compliance for these tasty treats. These fall on the scale of high value treats in our house. As a bonus, they last for a few minutes and the Poodles enjoy the challenge of getting the frozen broth out of the plastic cup (they don't eat the plastic, otherwise this treat wouldn't work as well).

D'Art will have his in a shady spot.

Teddy will take his away to sit by the trailer in the sun. (Although yesterday he did get too hot and picked it up to move to shade. 90F is abnormally hot for our climate!)

The forest Poodles and I hope you have a great weekend! Keep cool!


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