Pool Party!

Last week Teddy voluntarily got in the tub to cool off on a hot day. It made me realize we needed a poodle pool! Well, the pool is in place and so far so good!

It took the encouragement of a few treats and a couple of enthusiastic sounding humans to convince them to get in. And when they did, the stood in it....and then they drank. Seemingly they thought I brought home the mother of all water bowls!

But after a while, they'd get in the pool of their own accord and we discovered a new game that we all love - toy fishing! I throw a ball or rubber bone in the pool and they dive in and get it! Teddy really got in on the action, putting his whole head underwater in order to retrieve his beloved planet dog ball.

In between dives I throw the ball in the yard to give him time to shake off some of the drips. 

D'Art's an ace at fishing out the rubber bone, but he also likes to stand in the pool with no other agenda. I'm thinking it feels nice on his hot, dark, fluffy feet!

I think this pool is bound to bring some extra joy to the poodles and humans alike this summer!


  1. Love it, so glad they like their new pool! Another great game I love to play in the pool, while my humans have the hose laying in the pool filling it up, I love to "dig" at the water coming out of the hose! Can't wait to see more cute pictures of them in their pool! Stay cool my fur-iends!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! The poodles LOVE hose games too. Sometimes they want to play when the humans are just trying to water the garden and are told to sit because they can't contain themselves! Humans can be no fun!


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